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Google Bans 136 Apps from Play Store, Remove these Apps Now


Google often makes many claims regarding security. But, usually, some careless news is found. When the comparison of Google service with Apple and iOS is won, the company lags in terms of security. Once for Android users, cyber experts have instructed them to be careful about malware.

This malware has caused a loss of crores of rupees to millions of users worldwide through some apps present on the Play Store. However, taking a challenging step, Google has banned 136 dangerous apps currently on the Play Store, which remained a threat to the users. But, if your phones are also phones, then delete them immediately.

Banned these apps

The action was taken following a complaint from the security experts of Zimperium, and Google banned all 136 apps. The list of apps that Google has banned includes Handy Translator Pro, Heart Rate and Pulse Tracker, JioSpot: GPS Location Tracker, iCare – Find Location, My Chat Translator.


Below is a complete list of apps banned on the Google Play Store.

  1. Handy Translator Pro
  2. Heart Rate and Pulse Tracker
  3. Geospot: GPS Location Tracker
  4. iCare – Find Location
  5. My Chat Translator
  6. Bus – Metropolis 2021
  7. Free Translator Photo
  8. Locker Tool
  9. Fingerprint Changer
  10. Call Recorder Pro
  11. Instant Speech Translation
  12. Racers Car Driver
  13. Slime Simulator
  14. Keyboard Themes
  15. What’s Me Sticker
  16. Amazing Video Editor
  17. Safe Lock
  18. Heart Rhythm
  19. Smart Spot Locator
  20. CutCut Pro
  21. OFFRoaders – Survive
  22. Phone Finder by Clapping
  23. Bus Driving Simulator
  24. Fingerprint Defender
  25. Lifeel – scan and test
  26. Launcher iOS 15
  27. Idle Gun Tycoo\u202an\u202c
  28. Scanner App Scan Docs & Notes
  29. Chat Translator All Messengers
  30. Hunt Contact
  31. Icons
  32. Horoscope: Fortune
  33. Fitness Point
  34. Qibla AR Pro
  35. Heart Rate and Meal Tracker
  36. Mine Easy Translator
  37. PhoneControl Block Spam Calls
  38. Parallax paper 3D
  39. SnapLens – Photo Translator
  40. Qibla Pass Direction
  41. Caller-x
  42. Clap
  43. Photo Effect Pro
  44. iConnected Tracker
  45. Smart Call Recorder
  46. Daily Horoscope & Life Palmestry
  47. Qibla Compass (Kaaba Locator)
  48. Prookie-Cartoon Photo Editor
  49. Qibla Ultimate
  50. Truck – RoudDrive Offroad
  51. GPS Phone Tracker – Family Locator
  52. Call Recorder iCall
  53. PikCho Editor app
  54. Street Cars: pro Racing
  55. Cinema Hall: Free HD Movies
  56. Live Wallpaper & Background
  57. Intelligent Translator Pro
  58. Face Analyzer
  59. TrueCaller & TrueRecoder
  60. iTranslator_ Text & Voice & Photo
  61. Pulse App – Heart Rate Monitor
  62. Video & Photo Recovery Manager 2
  63. Fast loans 24/7
  64. Fitness Trainer
  65. ClipBuddy
  66. Vector arts
  67. Ludo Speak v2.0
  68. Battery Live Wallpaper 4K
  69. Heart Rate Pro-Health Monitor
  70. Locatoria – Find Location
  71. GetContacter
  72. Photo Lab
  73. AR Phone Booster – Battery Saver
  74. English Arabic Translator direct
  75. VPN Zone – Fast & Easy Proxy
  76. 100% Projector for Mobile Phone
  77. Forza H Mobile 4 Ultimate Edition
  78. Amazing Sticky Slime Simulator ASMR
  79. Clap To Find My Phone
  80. Screen Mirroring TV Cast
  81. Free Calls WorldWide
  82. My Locator Plus
  83. iSalam Qibla Compass
  84. Language Translator-Easy&Fast
  85. WiFi Unlock Password Pro X
  86. Pony Video Chat-Live Stream
  87. Zodiac: Hand
  88. Ludo Game Classic
  89. Loca – Find Location
  90. Easy TV Show
  91. Qibla correct Quran Quran Quran
  92. Dating App – Sweet Meet
  93. R Circle – Location Finder
  94. TagsContact
  95. Ela-Salaty: Muslim Prayer Times & Qibla Direction
  96. Qibla Compass
  97. Soul Scanner – Check Your
  98. CIAO – Live Video Chat
  99. Plant Camera Identifier
  100. Color Call Changer
  101. Squishy and Pop it
  102. Keyboard: Virtual Projector App
  103. Scanner Pro App: PDF Document
  104. QR Reader Pro
  105. FX Keyboard
  106. You Frame
  107. Call Record Pro
  108. Free Islamic Stickers 2021
  109. QR Code Reader – Barcode Scanner
  110. Bag X-Ray 100% Scanner
  111. Phone Caller Screen 2021
  112. Translate It – Online App
  113. Mobile Things Finder
  114. Proof-Caller
  115. Phone Search by Clap
  116. Second Translate PRO
  117. CallerID
  118. 3D Camera To Plan
  119. Qibla Finder – Qibla Direction
  120. Stickers Maker for WhatsApp
  121. Qibla direction watch (compass)
  122. Piano Bot Easy Lessons
  123. CallHelp: Second Phone Number
  124. FastPulse – Heart Rate Monitor
  125. Caller ID & Spam Blocker
  126. Free Coupons 2021
  127. KFC Saudi – Get free delivery and 50% off coupons
  128. Skycoach
  129. HOO Live – Meet and Chat
  130. Easy Bass Booster
  131. Coupons & Gifts: InstaShop
  132. FindContact
  133. Launcher iOS for Android
  134. Call Blocker-Spam Call Blocker
  135. Call Blocker-Spam Call Blocker
  136. Live Mobile Number Tracker
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Shubham Dubey
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