Google Meet Video Conferencing App Is Now Free For All Users

Google Meet Video Conferencing App

Google has made its Meet video conferencing app free for all users. Through this video conferencing app, users can connect up to 100 people simultaneously, just like Zoom. The Google Meet video conferencing app was previously available to users with a premium subscription. People are currently using video conferencing app to connect with their friends and relatives during a lockdown. There is the reason why apps like Zoom video calls have become very popular these days. However, the Zoom app has also been in controversy.

Google Meet Video Conferencing App

Global demand for video call service has increased a lot these days due to the coronavirus epidemic. There is the reason that Google has made this premium video calling service free for all users. Google has given this information through its blog post. Previously, users had to use a business or student account to make video calls through Google Meet. Only G-Suite users were able to connect with people through this premium video calling app.

Google Meet video calling app is now available for free for all users of Android, iOS, Web. If you are using Google Calendar app, then you will be able to initiate video calls through this app quickly. Through Meet, you can make video calling with 100 people at a time. This premium video calling service was launched by Google three years ago.

Javier Soltero, white president and general manager of G Suite, wrote in a blog post, “From today we are making Meet (premium video conferencing product) free for all users.” It will be available and roll out to all in the next few weeks. This blog post also states that the free version of Google Meet will roll out to all regions in early May.