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A Mistake Will Be Heavy On Google, You May Have To Go To Jail


Google Search Tips: You can quickly get details about the topic you want to know on Google search. Be it the country, the world or your city, whatever information you wish to collect, you get it in seconds. People do not consider Google less than a miracle, although its use can also create problems for you. There are some subjects about which searching can land you in jail.

We are not saying this thing to scare you. Instead, these are subjects about which the Government of India has made strict rules. If you try to search about these subjects, then you may have to go to jail. So let’s know which are these subjects, which you may have to go to jail by searching on Google.

Method of making ammo

If you jokingly search on Google for how to make bombs, you may have to go to jail. This is because the security agencies do less in the country to keep an eye on any such search, and if someone searches these things on Google, then police action can be taken against him. If you were also thinking of doing this, don’t do it now. Otherwise, you know the consequences.


Gathering information about hacking

If you repeatedly try to collect information related to hacking on Google search, then such search is also monitored by the police, and the IT cell can take strict steps on it. Some people think of doing this with pleasure, but doing so can be overwhelming for them.

Child crime

Child crime is a subject about which the government is always in action mode; if you ever search for any such content or watch videos of children, then there is a lot of possibility that some action will be taken against you. This is a sensitive issue. In such a situation, do not search anything about it, only that you can be safe.

Adult content

Adult content is already banned from Google search in India, but if you try to search it repeatedly, then action can be taken against you; users should not do this, due to which you must go to the police station.

Abhay Singh
Abhay Singh
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