Indian Air Force Mobile Game Nominated For Best Game 2019 by Google

The popularity of the player Unknown Battleground, ie PUBG game, is not hidden from anyone today. At the same time, the Call of Duty, which recently came on mobile, was also quite popular among users. However, Google has liked the Indian Air Force Mobile Game: A Cut Above in addition to this game. Therefore, this game has nominated by Google in the ‘Users’ Choice Game’ category of Best Game-2019.

After this success, the Indian Airforce is quite happy. Pleased with the success, Airforce has appealed to the users with its official Twitter handle to vote for this 3D game. So that the game of the users’ choice game category 2019 will be won. In this game, a player with the look of Abhinandan. The wing commander of the Indian Air Force blows the plane.

Indian Air Force Mobile Game

Significantly, on 26 February this year, Pakistan attempted airstrikes a day after targeting the hideouts of terrorists in Balakot. After this, Abhinandan’s MiG-21 Bison aircraft crashed in an air battle while chasing Pakistani fighter jets that violated Indian airspace and Abhinandan was captured by the Pakistani army. Abhinandan remained in Pakistani captivity for about three days and after that. He releases from Pakistan and came to India.

After the release of Abhinandan, this mobile game was launch on 31 July this year. The objective of the Indian Air Force Mobile Game was to attract the youth towards the Indian Airforce so that the country will be inspired. Former Air Chief Marshal B.S. Dhanoa called the game at launch.

Significantly, the game has launched only a few months. But, it has made users their fans. So far it has downloaded more than 1 million times on the Play Store. However, it is still far behind PUBG and Call of Duty in terms of downloading.

It is an online multiplayer battle game in which players get a great virtual experience of combat missions to perform by the Indian Airforce. In the game, players have tried to make the real pilot feel.

Players playing the game have to eliminate the enemy by flying fighter jets and helicopters. In the game, different types of aircraft present in the Airforce have made available which players can use.

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