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Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp Down WorldWide Including India

Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have been down for some delay across the world today. Due to this, users have to face many problems for some time. In India, too, users have faced this problem for some time. During this, people were having trouble opening them and sending messages. Some such reactions have also been seen on these social media platforms in the morning. However, these platforms are now working correctly.

Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp Down

Let us tell that there are crores of users worldwide, including India, with social networking platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. In a way, these platforms have become a part of the life of the commoner. In such a situation, when such a blockage comes on these platforms, then people have to face problems. However, what has been the reason for the problem, has not been revealed yet.

Reported problems in many countries

According to different international media reports, the downing of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram has been seen in many countries. There are reports of them being down in many countries, including America, Bolivia, Morocco, Mexico and Brazil. The downing of social networking platforms Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram was also visible in India. There was a problem opening these platforms this morning. Due to being down, there was a problem in sending messages, surfing or commenting on them.

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