Intel Horseshoe Bend Foldable PC At CES 2020, See The Design

Intel Horseshoe Bend Foldable Pc

By now you must have seen Foldable Screen Phone but now prepare for Foldable Screen Laptop soon. Lenovo first revealed its ThinkPad X1 Fold during the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020) in the US city of Las Vegas, and then Intel introduced its Foldable PC. Although it is a prototype PC right now, it can definitely be guessed how the design of the PC is going to change in the coming days. This prototype laptop of Intel name as Intel Horseshoe Bend, which has a big screen. The company introduces it with 4: 3 aspect ratios and a 17.3-inch OLED screen have been given. The company has used OLED panels.

Horseshoe Bend model on Intel’s new processor architecture. The company has used Tiger Lake chipset with 10-nanometer architecture in it. This laptop is not only designed with a foldable screen but is also quite slick. It has a thickness of only 7 mm with chassis. At the same time, it uses 9W TDP ie thermal design power. However, at present, the company has introduced it with no active cooling system.

The device that the Intel showed at the event was running on Windows 10, while it believes that the company’s new operating system will be able to run on Windows 10X when the laptop is commercially available for sale. Significantly, Windows 10X has not been launched yet. It is Microsoft’s upcoming operating system.

The Specialty Of Intel Horseshoe Bend laptop

This prototype of the Intel Horseshoe Bend laptop equips with many features. Like we already said that it uses a foldable screen. The special thing can say that the screen of this laptop of the phone folds completely. You can keep it upright, make a stand by turning it at 45 degrees or you can stand upright by turning at 90 degrees. Along with this, the company has also shown a kickstand and wireless mouse.

The UI of this laptop has specially designed. When you use it by turning it like a laptop, the menu appears on the lower screen. At the same time, if you scroll the web page, the whole page goes from bottom to top. You can also scroll with fingers on the bottom screen is very easy.

During any type of typing its own board comes on the lower screen and you can connect the wireless keyboard if you want. The company has also provided connectivity port in it.

As for the Intel Horseshoe Bend laptop and the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold. Let me say that Lenovo’s device was available for sale while the Intel Horseshoe Bend is currently a prototype. Although larger screens have used at Intel. The Horseshoe Bend has a 17-inch screen, while the ThinkPad X1 Fold comes with only a 13-inch screen. At the same time, Intel’s device is quite slick as well.