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Internet Down? Many Services Stalled, 500 Error Message Is Visible


Popular content delivery network (CDN) Cloudflare is facing an outage. Due to this outage, the service of websites like Zerodha, Groww, Upstox, Omegle and Discord gets affected. Many users are complaining about the service shutdown, and the company is working on fixing it.

Due to the shutdown of Cloudflare’s service, many users see the message of 500 internal server errors. This happens when there is a problem with a web service.

Due to a problem in the service of this content delivery network, users cannot access many websites like, Zerodha, Groww, Upstox, and Discord.


Why are websites not working?

The company said, ‘ A 500 error is visible due to the downing of Cloudflare sites in the affected region. Due to this incident, our network’s data plane service has been affected.

All these websites work on Cloudflare network infrastructure. The company says that they are investigating the matter. Cloudflare has reported that the problem has been discovered and is being fixed.

Service was stopped earlier.

The websites or apps that have been affected due to this outage have also informed their users about the start of the service soon. This is the second case in the last week when a Cloudflare outage has been seen.


Earlier the outage was limited to the Indian region, due to which many users found it difficult to use multiple services. Popular services like Shopify, Udemy, Zerodha, Canva, Discord, and Acko Insurance work on Cloudflare.

Their users are facing problems. Cloudflare has not yet clearly explained the reason for the problem. After stalling for a few hours, the service of these apps has gone live.

Shubham Dubey
Shubham Dubey
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