Jio 555 Plan, Airtel 558 Plan, Vodafone 569 Plan Detailed Comparisons

The competition of Indian telecom companies is not hidden from anyone. Every company is looking to improve and showcase itself. To attract more and more consumers, these companies keep on bringing more benefits plans at cheaper prices. These plans directly benefit users. But many times, your consumer gets into the confusion about which company is better and which plan will benefit them. As such, every budget plan is available in the market. But today we have introduced a plan worth more than Rs 500 here. We have compared the Jio 555 Plan, Bharti Airtel 558 Plan and Vodafone 569 Plan so that you can know which company plans have advantages and disadvantages.

Jio 555 Plan – Airtel 558 Plan – Vodafone 569 Plan

First of all, see the price of the plans, these three plans come in the budget of more than 500 rupees. While the price of the plan released by Reliance Jio is Rs 555, Bharti Airtel has introduced its plan for Rs 558 while the price of the Vodafone plan is Rs 569.


That is, the price of Airtel’s plan is 3 rupees more than Jio’s plan and Vodafone’s plan is Rs 14 more expensive than Jio’s.


Jio, Airtel and Vodafone plans of all three companies come with long validity, that is, users can use these plans without any change for more than two and a half months after one time recharge. Jio’s Rs 555 plan where it comes with 84 days of validity and Vodafone’s Rs 569 plan is also worth 84 days. At the same time, Airtel has introduced its plan with a validity of 82 days.

Jio 555 Plan Details

Internet data

Jio is giving 2 GB 4G internet data every day in its 555 rupees plan. That is, in the validity of the entire plan, users will get a total of 168 GB (84 x 2 = 168) internet data.

Airtel is giving 3GB 4G data to its users every day over Jio in a plan of Rs 558. Airtel’s plan will get a total of 246 GB (82 x 3 = 246) 4G internet data for complete validity.

Like Vodafone’s Rs 569 plan, 3GB 4G data is being given every day like Airtel. Compared to the three, Vodafone is giving the maximum 252 GB (84 x 3 = 252) 4G internet data.


These three companies promise to give free unlimited voice calling to their users. But in Jio’s plan, internet calling is completely free. But the company has given only 3000 minutes to make the offline call. At the same time, Airtel and Vodafone have kept this voice calls completely free for their users. Unlimited voice calls can make both on the internet and on the internet.

How much profit and loss

Reliance Jio plan is of course 3 rupees and 14 rupees cheaper than Airtel and Vodafone plans. But in terms of benefits, Airtel’s Rs 558 plan and Vodafone’s 569 plan are much more than Jio’s 555 rupees plan Giving benefits While calling from Jio number will be possible with IUC minutes, Airtel and Vodafone users can make completely unlimited calls.

In terms of daily data, Airtel and Vodafone users will get 1GB 4G data more every day than Jio. At the same plan, 78 GB more data than Jio on the Airtel network. And Vodafone users are getting 84 GB more data than Jio. Similarly, 6 GB more data and 2 days more validity are also available on the Vodafone network to compare to Airtel.

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