Jio 5G Phone Will Be Launched On This Day? Jio-Google Launch

Jio 5G Phone Launch Date in India

Jio 5G Phone: Reliance Jio is launching 5G Android phones in the market this year. According to sources, the phone may be unveiled at the 2021 annual general meeting. It is known that the company is making this phone jointly with Google. The phone will probably be available in the middle of this year.

Jio 5G Phone Launch Date

Besides phones, laptops can also be launched at the general meeting. According to company sources, the name of this laptop is Jio Book. The agency told the media that it was trying to complete the work between May and June. However, it will be in the middle of 2021-22 financial year for the market. General meetings are held in August-September. Jio and Google have already started discussing which Android version will be available on this phone.

It is known that this smartphone may have an Android Go operating system or OS. Reliance has already started work to improve the Jio operating system. This Android operating system is a custom version of Google. It is known that the Jio operating system is working well in the Jio application. Jio 5G Phone launch date in India.

Jio has jointly launched a low-cost Android phone with Google. Google has invested Rs 33,637 crore, and Jio has invested 7.8 percent of its total capital. It was already known that they are making phones worth Tk 10 crore, which will come in the market at meager prices.

Last year the telecom giant was focusing more on big-screen phones. This work started in September last year. That product may arrive in April. Reliance is jointly developing JioBook with a Chinese engineering firm. The name of the company is Blueback. This company makes mobile software for a third party. They make mobile operating systems with different operating systems, which are mainly used in Jio phones. Reliance Jio has already posted pictures of the new phone on its website.