Now Your Phone Will Ring For 30 Seconds, Order Of TRAI

Ringing Time in India

In the telecom sector, the news was coming about ring time of calls coming on mobile phones for quite some time. The dispute between Jio and other telecom companies over ring time had increased considerably. In fact, some time ago, seeing the 20 second ring time of Jio, other companies also reduced their ring time. However, now TRAI has fixed a ring time of 30 seconds for all operators.

After this decision of TRAI, all telecom companies of Jio, Airtel, Vodafone-Idea, and others will have to agree. TRAI informed about this, now all telecom operators will have to give 30 seconds of ring time. This rule is applied to both incoming and outgoing calls.

TRAI Set New Ring Time

TRAI says that the call should answer or not, but the time the phone rings should be 30 seconds. Explain that this dispute was going on for a long time, after which TRAI had to take this decision. Airtel has been offering 45 seconds of ring time on its network from the beginning. The company believed that 45 seconds is enough to answer a call. At the same time, Jio had reduced his ring time to 20 seconds to avoid IUC charges. After this, the whole controversy started.


Actually, Jio was reducing the ring timing and turning it into a missed call without a call from the customers. After this, the users had to return the call to reply to the missed call and this would give the IUC charge to that network. At the same time, recently, Jio had announced to take the IUC charge from its users, after which despair was seen in Jio users.

What is IUC

Interconnect usage charge (IUC) is the price payable by one mobile telecom operator to another. When customers of one telecom operator make outgoing mobile calls to customers of another operator, IUC is pay to the calling operator. These calls between two different networks are mobile off-net calls. IUC charges are set by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and currently, it is 6 paise per minute.