Jio All in One Plan for Jio Phone User and 4G Smartphone Users

Reliance Jio had recently announced that other operators are charging IUC charges from it, due to which it has to stop its free calling and if Jio users are calling on other networks then they will get 6 paise per minute. Rate to be paid. However, later the company said that it will launch some plans separately for which calling on other networks will be free and the company has introduced 8 plans called All in One. Of these, 4 plans are for those Jio users who are running their Reliance Jio 4G SIM on any smartphone while four plans are for Jio Phone users. So let us know in detail about these plans of Jio All in One Plan.

Jio Phone All in One Plan Plan

Jio Phone 75 rupees plan: Previously where the initial plan for Jio Phone users was 49 rupees. At the same time, the starting price of All in One plan is 75 rupees. Although you may be feeling this a bit much, let me tell you that under this plan you get 3 GB 4G data. Whereas earlier there were only 1 GB of data. At the same time, Jio to Jio calling is completely free and if you call on another network, 500 minutes of call will be given. Apart from this, the live app service is also free. This plan is valid for 28 days.

Jio All in One Plans

Jio Phone Rs 125 plan: This is the second plan for Jio Phone users under All in One and in this you will get 14 GB data. That is, every day you will be able to use half GB of 4G data. Jio to Jio Unlimited Calling is free and 500 minutes of calling is being given on other networks. Also, the Jio App service will be available for free. The validity of this plan is also 28 days.

Jio Phone Rs 155 plan: This plan is also valid for 28 days and it also gets 500 minutes of calling on other networks. While Jio to Jio unlimited calling is free. It differs from others in that you can use 1 GB dia every day. You will get 28 GB data in 28 days.

Jio Phone plan of Rs 185: If you want a lot of data in a Jio phone, then this plan is for you. In this, you are given 2 GB of data every day. This plan is valid for 28 days and it gets 56 GB data. Jio to Jio unlimited calling is free and 500 minutes of calling is provided for other networks. Apart from this, the Jio App service is free.

Jio All in One Plan

Jio Rs 222 Plan for 4G Smartphone: If you do not want to pay the IUC charge prescribed by Jio. Then the company has introduced this All in One plan for you. The initial plan in this is Rs 222. Under this, you will get 2 GB data every day and its validity is 28 days. That is, you can use 56 GB of data. Jio to Jio calling is unlimited free and you will be given 1,000 minutes for other networks.

Jio Rs 333 plan: The second plan is for 56 days. In this too, you will get 2 GB data daily. You can use 112 GB of 4G data in 56 days. With this, you will get 1,000 minutes of calling free on other networks. As it is known, Jio to Jio unlimited calling will be free.

Jio Rs 444 plan: The company has introduced the fourth plan of Rs 444 under All in One for 4G smartphones. The validity of this plan is 84 days. That is, about three months and in this also you will be given 2 GJio All in One PlansB of data every day. You will be able to use 168 GB 4G data in 84 days. If you talk about calling, then you will also get 1,000 minutes of free calling on other networks and live to live unlimited calling is free.

Jio 555 rupees plan: If you want more calling on other networks with more data, then there is a plan of 555 rupees for you. In this, you get 3,000 minutes of calling with 2 GB of data every day. This plan is valid for 84 days.

What is the plan for additional calling?

If your calling is more on other networks, then a plan has also been given for additional calling. For this, the company has given top-up vouchers ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 100. 124 minutes calling has given to the second number in the Rs 10 plan. At the same time, 249 minutes are available in 20 rupees plan, 656 minutes in 50 rupees plan and 1,362 minutes in 100 rupees plan.

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