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Reliance Jio Introduces Jio All In One Plan of ₹222, ₹333 and ₹444

Before Diwali, Reliance Jio has announced new ‘All in one’ plans. According to the company, the new plans are more economical than before. In All in One plan, customers will get 2 GB data per day. Apart from this, users will also get 1000 minutes IUC calling free. IUC calling means that customers will now be able to talk to Jio on another network for 1000 minutes free. Calling from Jio to Jio is already free. Jio had been facing customer resentment for a few weeks over the IUC charge. Jio All In One Plan is of ₹222, ₹333 and ₹444.

All in one plan are of three types. The validity of these plans of Rs 222, Rs 333 and Rs 444 is different. If you talk about 222 rupees plan, then it will have a validity of 1 month. At the same time, the validity of Rs 333 and Rs 444 plans will be 2 months and 3 months respectively. All plans will get 2 GB of data per day. Also, you are getting 1000 minutes IUC calling in all plans.

Jio All In One Plan

This means that in a plan of 222 rupees with a validity of 1 month, you will get 1000 minutes for IUC calling. At the same time, in the plan of Rs 333 and Rs 444, this 1000 minutes IUC calling will be available for 2 months and 3 months.

Jio All In One Plan

Jio’s best selling plan is 399 rupees, in which 1.5 GB data is available daily. Its validity is 3 months. If the customer wants to get a 3-month plan, then he can also make a plan of Rs 444. In this plan, 2 GB data is available daily instead of 1.5 GB. That is, the customer will get 42 GB more data for an additional 45 rupees. With this, the customer will also get 1000 minutes of IUC calling free. Had IUC calling been purchased separately, it would have cost the customer Rs 80.

Jio Internet

Know what is interconnect usage charge (IUC)

Interconnect usage charge (IUC) is the price paid by one mobile telecom operator to another. When customers of one telecom operator make outgoing mobile calls to customers of another operator, IUC is paid to the operator making the call. These calls between two different networks are known as mobile off-net calls. IUC charges are set by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and currently, it is 6 paise per minute.


The charge of 6 paise per minute on mobile calls will continue only till TRAI changes its current regulation. At the same time, the company has offered plans ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 100.

Jio has also issued top-up vouchers ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 100 for calling on the networks of other companies. 124 minutes calls can be done on the second number in the plan of 10 rupees. At the same time, 249 minutes will be available in 20 rupees plan, 656 minutes in 50 rupees plan and 1,362 minutes in 100 rupees plan.

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