Learn How Weak the Indian Rafale Will be in Front of Pakistani F-16

It is said that the courage of fighters is very important in war, while at the same time. Better weapons make these spirits even stronger. Some time ago, when the Air Force soldier Abhinandan himself hoisted the powerful Pakistani fighter plane F-16 from MiG-21, India was praised all over the world. But now, strengthening the Indian Air Force, India is adding Rafale fighter jets to the Indian Airforce. The Indian Air Force will soon have 36 Rafale planes which are better and stronger in all respects than Pakistani F-16.

According to the information, in lieu of one Rafale of India, Paxton will have to install two F-16s. Usually where a fighter plane can attack 3 times a day. At the same time, Rafael has the ability to return to the base of the attack ball 5 times a day. While the F-16 is made by an American company, the Rafale is manufactured in France. Explain that China’s J-16 fighter plane will also be weak in front of India’s Rafale. Earlier this aircraft was used by the US forces, but from 1982 onwards the Pakistani army also started using this fighter plane. According to reports, Paxton currently has about 76 F-16 aircraft.


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The F-16 has a height of 4.88 m, wing 9.96 m and length 15.06 m. This fighter plane weighs 9.2 tons and after filling the weapon it can weigh up to 13 tons. Speaking of Rafale, the height of this fighter plane is 5.30 meters, wing 10.90 meters, and length 15.30 meters. Rafale weighs 10 tons and after filling the weapon it can weigh up to 24.5 tons. More weapons and material of F-16 can be loaded in Rafale. That is, Rafale of India is far ahead of Paxton’s F-16 both in size and carrying capacity.


Talking about the range, the F-16 has a range of 4,220 km and this fighter jet can fly at a speed of 2,414 km per hour. At the same time, Rafale has the firepower of up to 3,700 km and this plane can fly at a speed of 2,130 km per hour. Both these aircraft can go up to 50,000 feet high. Here, the F-16 is undoubtedly ahead of the Rafale in terms of range and speed. But let us tell you that during the sky battle, only the Rafale will outrun the F-16. And this is because of the Rate of Climb (RoC)

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Rate of Climb is the vertical speed of any aircraft. That is, at what speed the plane can reach the height. While the F-16’s RoC is 15,240 meters per minute, the Rafale can reach a height of 18,288 meters in a minute. On the other hand, when it comes to fuel capacity, ie fuel refueling, 3.1 tons of fuel can be filled in F-16 and it can save 1.38 tons of fuel separately. At the same time, the fuel capacity of Rafale is 4.17 tonnes and this fighter plane can carry additional fuel up to 6.7 tonnes.


The F-16 is equipped with 9 weapons, including guns, missiles, and bombs. Apart from these, the F-16 is equipped with a 20mm M61A1 Vulcan cannon gun. There is a 30mm gun in Rafale. This gun can fire 2,500 rounds at a time. Apart from this, Rafael also has deadly missiles like MBDA MICA and MBDA Meteor.

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