Linkedin Data Breach: Users are Getting Virus Instead of Jobs

LinkedIn Data Breach 2021 News

LinkedIn Data Breach 2021: Some time ago, there was a case of data leaks of social media website Facebook and Indian app MobiKwik users, which has not calmed down yet. On the other hand, along with a new fraud happening on LinkedIn, the information about LinkedIn users’ leakage of data has been revealed in a report. These numbers are said to be two-thirds of the total users of the company. Not only this, they are looking for jobs on LinkedIn. Now hackers are making LinkedIn users their new target.

LinkedIn Data Breach 2021

In this case of a data breach, Cyber News has released a report. According to this report, leaked information includes LinkedIn IDs, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, links to other social media profiles, and other work-related data. At the same time, LinkedIn is a viral social network for professionals and job seekers.

People being cheated by job offers.

Many people have lost their jobs due to Corona. Because of this, people are looking for jobs on this site. But, users are falling prey to hackers in the pursuit of job search. According to a report by Gizmodo, hackers are targeting users through the campaign. The report cited cybersecurity solutions provider eSentire. eSentire has warned users. Accordingly, hacking groups are targeting business professionals through a fake job offer on LinkedIn.

Users are getting virus instead of jobs.

According to the report, hackers have preyed on users with the Trojan virus. This virus hackers access and control the user’s device. For this reason, they can send, receive, launch or delete any file from the target user’s device. According to the report, these hackers are associated with the Golden Chickens Group.

Job offer message

Hackers offer users jobs via direct messages on LinkedIn. This job offer is fake. It has a zip file attached. This Zip file contains a virus that attacks the users.

Block when in doubt

Many professionals search and apply for jobs on LinkedIn. Due to this, they have come under the target of hackers. Whenever you are talking to someone on LinkedIn about a job and suspect it, immediately block it.