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What is Mangago? Is Mangago Shutting Down in 2021?


It’s an illegal Mangago reading site where folks upload scans, screenshots, CBR files, or PDFs of comics for all to enjoy without having to pay a single penny. Naturally, artists and manga production companies aren’t too thrilled about the site.

Did Mangago get taken down?

Mangago is currently down bc of being reported by original artists that have their works uploaded illegally in mangago (most of the comics there are supposed to be paid before reading). Because of the law, they decided to take down the site for a while, and the site will be temporarily down or maybe even forever down.

Is Mangago com legal?

It’s an illegal manga reading site where folks upload scans, screenshots, CBR files, or PDFs of comics for all to enjoy without having to pay a single penny. Naturally, artists and manga production companies aren’t too thrilled about the site.


How do you fix Mangago?

How to fix MangaGo website not working or opening

  1. Pros and cons of MangaGo:
  2. Try incognito mode to open Mangago and make it work.
  3. Use VPN to make Mangago work again.
  4. Disable your VPN.
  5. Reset your browser.
  6. Clear your cache.
  7. Reinstall your browser.

Will Mangago shut down in 2021?

Mangago is down again & the website owners have shared the following message with its users: “Guys, sorry to let you know, there is a server emergency we have to deal with, thus will suspend our service for a while. It may last for several days, but we’re sure we will be back asap.”

Why is Mangago illegal?

The website posts the manga or manhwa on there, and the creator doesn’t get paid for its views. Most of the creators work with Lezhin, and that’s how they get paid. On Lezhin, you have to pay for each chapter. A lot of people don’t want to do this, so they go to illegal websites instead.


Why is Mangago not working?

Try using a VPN or a different one.

Another common reason you might not be able to access Mangago in your location could be that your country has flat out banned the site. … It’s also possible that the server your VPN is pinging is causing issues with Mangago. Try a different VPN and see if that solves the problem.

Is Manganelo illegal?

They are not legal. The only translations that are legal have licenses and distributing deals. Scanlations are a form of piracy and copyright infringement.


How do I open Mangago on my iPhone?

Mangago app ios

  1. Open App Store on your iOS device, iPhone and iPad.
  2. In the Search Box, Type MangaGo and Search.
  3. After this, choose Manga Go from the list.
  4. Now click on the Download button.
  5. Would you mind waiting for it to download and install?
  6. Now you can use it.

Is Mangago safe?

No, it’s not legal. (Any site that posts this many Mangago for free, with no login required, is not permitted.) As for safety, well, the site is registered using an anonymous proxy, so it’s impossible to find out who owns it.

How do I delete my Mangago account?

Delete your Account through the Website.

  1. Go to the following URL“http://www.mangago.me/home/accounts/setting/“
  2. Enter your login credentials (Email Address and correct password)
  3. Answer the security question (input captcha) and click on SIGN IN to log in to your account.
  4. Now locate and click on Delete Account.
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