Trai Set New MNP Rules for Mobile Number Portability From 16 December

Mobile Number Portability

The Indian telecom industry is witnessing continuous new changes. While telecom companies are bringing new plans, there have also been cases like IUC and Ring Duration in the past. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, i.e. TRAI, brings some solution to every problem, then why not take it for a while. For the past year, the screw of mobile number portability was stuck in the Indian telecom market. Which is now resolved after a long wait. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has announced the new rule of MNP service, and believe that the new rule will give every user a sigh of relief.

TRAI has informed about the new rules of MNP service. TRAI has stated that this new rule of mobile number portability will be implemented nationwide from December 16 and every telecom company will have to follow this rule strictly. Talking about this new rule of MNP service, TRAI has decided that now its mobile number can be ported from one network to another within just 2 days.

Mobile Number Portability

To get MNP, the user usually had to wait for a week. But now under the new rule of TRAI, all the companies have ordered that the time for porting the number should be reduced from 7 days to just 2 days. New guidelines and rules have made public by TRAI. Now after entering the number port application, the mobile operator of the user will be changed within 2 days.

While it will take a maximum of two days to change the mobile number from one operator to another in the same circle. TRAI has fixed the time period of changing the mobile operator from one circle to another state i.e. from one state to another. That is, the mobile number being used in one state will be able to be created in another state in just 5 days. TRAI will implement this service across India from 16 December.

This will be the process

Talking about the port process, you need to send port request PORT 901xxx4488 with your number to 1900 to get your number ported to another company. After this message, the UPC code was sent by the operator. Which is valid for a few days and then expires. By showing the same UPC code to another network operator, the number is ported to that company. At the same time, after sending the PORT request, after getting the UPC code. After filling his form and submitting it to the other operator. The number will become active on the other network within 2 days of that.

The rule took 1 year to apply

You will surprise to know that this rule of MNP service was passing by TRAI on 13 December 2018 last year. But for some reason or the other, this rule was not applicable in the country. After the last meeting of Mobile Number Portability Service Providers. And Telecom Service Providers held on October 21 and October 31. It has decided to implement this rule as soon as possible. This rule was to bring on the market on November 11. But again due to some incomplete work and bottleneck. Now the date of implementation of the new rule of MNP has fixed for December 16.