MNP: Mobile Users Cannot Submit Port Out Requests Between Nov 4-11

Mobile Number Portability

Though Indian telecom companies bring new and attractive plans to woo mobile users and to keep more and more consumers connected to their network. Mobile number of portable services is still very much used in India. Some Indian users are unhappy with their service providers. While some consumers want their company to be transformed into attractive plans from another company. Mobile Number Portability i.e. MNP is going to take a new look soon. This new slot of MNP is ready, but before taking advantage of this, users have to be patient. Speaking in a few words, MNP service is being discontinued in the entire country from November 4 to November 11.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India i.e. TRAI has announced to change the mobile number portable service in the country. All the telecom companies in the country will have to follow this big step being taken by TRAI. After the decision of TRAI, the presence of MNP service in India will definitely change. But before that BSNL consumers including Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea will not be able to port their number for some time.

MNP Service Closed From 6 Pm Today

According to the order of TRAI, the mobile number portability in the country has been discontinued today i.e. from 4 pm on November 4. However, the ban is on for a permanent period of time, which will be re-incorporated on November 11. From November 4 to November 11, no user will be able to port their number to another network under MNP. Keep in mind that MNP service will continue for the user who has sent the message of a port from his phone before 6 pm on November 4 and has generated the UPC code.


Talking about the port process, to get your number ported to another company, you had to send the port request PORT 91xxxxx with your number at 1900. After this message, the UPC code was sent by the operator, which was valid for a few days and then expired. By showing the same UPC code to another network operator, that company had a number port. But now till November 11, no user will be able to get UPC code by sending a PORT request. This service will start again after November 11.

Number Port Will Be in Just 2 Days

Till now, the user usually had to wait for a week to get their number ported. But now under the new rule of TRAI, all the companies are being ordered that the process of porting the number should be reduced from 7 days to just 2 days. TRAI is going to make its new guidelines and rules public only on 11 November. And from this day onwards, there will be a big change in MNP service in India.

Ring Time Limit is 30 Seconds

Let me also tell you that the TRAI has fixed the ring time of 30 seconds for all operators. Recently, after the upheaval in the telecom world. TRAI has issued a new rule directing all companies to keep the ring time 30 seconds. This decision of TRAI will have to accepted by Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea and BSNL and this rule will be applicable to both incoming and outgoing calls.