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Parag Agarwal Old Tweet Going Viral, Shreya Ghoshal Sachin Tendulkar


Parag Agarwal Old Tweet: On Monday, November 29, Jack Dorsey resigned as the CEO of Twitter. He announced this from his official Twitter handle. Parag Agarwal will be the next CEO of Twitter. He was till now the Chief Technology Officer of the company.

Explaining the reason for his resignation, Jack Dorsey said,

“The first reason for my resignation is that Parag will become the CEO of the company. The board has followed a rigorous process regarding this and unanimously appointed Parag. They have also been my choice for some time now. They understand the company and its needs very profoundly.


Parag’s role has been behind every decision that has turned the company around. They are curious, probing things deeply, rational, creative, demanding, familiar with themselves and humble. He works with heart and mind and is someone from whom I learn every day. I have deep faith in him as CEO (of Twitter).”

At the same time, Parag Aggarwal has also tweeted and thanked Jack and the company. They wrote,

“Thanks to Jack and our entire team. I am very looking forward to the future. Thank you all for showing faith in me and supporting me.”


Parag Agarwal Old Tweet Going Viral

After Parag Agarwal became the CEO of social media company Twitter, some of his old tweets became viral. People are reacting fiercely to these tweets of his.

Tweets about Shreya Ghoshal went viral.

Parag is a childhood friend of Bollywood singer Shreya Ghoshal. He often keeps on tweeting funny about Shreya. One of his tweets, which he did on May 30 2011, has now become quite viral. In this, while replying to a tweet by Shreya Ghoshal, he writes, “Shreya Ghoshal, you always miss on long drives… what else is going on?”

Sharing this tweet of Parag Agarwal, a Twitter user, wrote, “The CEO of Twitter is a true Indian engineer at heart.” Another user responded to this tweet, “I am sure now he (on Parag Twin) must have understood the importance of the edit button.”


Another tweet by Parag Aggarwal to Shreya Ghoshal in the year 2010 is also becoming very viral. People are calling him a person of cheap behaviour regarding this. Whereas in this, he only wrote, “Shreya Ghoshal Excellent DP. How are you doing?”

In this tweet, a user named Mayank Bhat wrote, “Men will be men.” A user named Asmin writes, “What is this? The CEO is showing such bad behaviour.”

Tweet about Muslims went viral.

Twitter’s new CEO, Parag Agarwal, also made a tweet in 2010 targeting those who do not differentiate between Muslims and extremists. This tweet is now going fiercely viral. In this tweet, he wrote,


“If they don’t want to differentiate between Muslims and extremists, why should I differentiate between white people and racists?”

Parag Agarwal has come under the target of some ‘white people’ of America regarding this tweet. Most of them are people who are supporters of former US President Donald Trump. These people have also expressed their displeasure over Parag being made the CEO of Twitter. They allege that Twitter has made a racist CEO. A Twitter user named Richard Grenell wrote, “Twitter is about to get worse. Twitter’s new CEO is a proud racist.”

Told Sachin Tendulkar, an evil captain

Another tweet of Parag Aggarwal from the year 2010 is also becoming very viral. He made this tweet during the Indian Premier League, i.e. IPL when Mumbai Indians were going through a bad phase in this tournament. Sachin Tendulkar was the captain of the Mumbai Indians at that time. Regarding Sachin, Parag wrote in his tweet, ‘Sachin is a bad captain. Even if MI manages to come out of this (bad) situation and win.”


Users are enjoying a lot on this tweet of Parag. A Twitter user Raghav Jha writes, “Looks like (Parag) is a die-hard fan of Dhoni.” Some users have also written that now Parag must be wondering how to delete this tweet of his.

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