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Pavitra Punia Reveals Shehnaaz Gill Condition After Sidharth Death


Pavitra Punia Reveals Shehnaaz Gill Condition: The television industry has not yet recovered from the shock of the death of television actor Siddharth Shukla. Siddharth’s friend Pavitra Punia, who was seen at an event, talked to the media about this. He said that it is becoming tough to digest the fact that we have lost Siddharth forever.

I have not spoken to Shehnaaz Gill yet. I think at this time; they should be allowed to live peacefully without disturbing them. I don’t think she would be in a position to talk right now, and it would be wrong even to ask how she is now because I know she will not be in a reasonable frame of mind right now.

Pavitra Punia Reveals Shehnaaz Gill Condition

Shehnaaz Gill is not well even 20 days after the death of Sidharth Shukla; Pavitra Punia told in what condition she will be?


Pavitra further said that she wants Shahnaz to return to everyday life as soon as possible because Siddharth would also like the same. Earlier, Pavitra had been told that Siddharth-Shehnaaz’s relationship was not about girlfriend or friendship but more than husband and wife.

Shehnaaz Gill is not well even 20 days after the death of Sidharth Shukla; Pavitra Punia told in what condition she will be?

Let us tell you that Siddharth died on 2 September. According to media reports, Siddharth had a heart attack, after which he could not wake up from sleep on the morning of 2 September, and when he was taken to the hospital, he had died. His lady love Shahnaz was with him at the last moment.


Shehnaaz was in bad condition in the grief of his departure. At the time of the funeral, Shahnaz’s tears were not taking their name to stop. She had also fallen unconscious several times. After the funeral, Shahnaz’s condition was so bad that she was neither eating properly nor sleeping.

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