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5 Tips on How To Stop Your Phone From Overheating


Today, the advanced technology of smartphones has included large RAM, powerful processor and powerful battery. When the phone is purchased new, it runs very smooth, and its use is also fun. But it is often seen that sometime after purchase, the mobile phone starts heating up, and the mobile phone’s heating problem starts to appear.

Phone Heating Problem Solution

Many people keep telling them what to do with the phone when it starts heating up. Today we will tell you that when your phone begins heating, what are the things that should not be done at all. The 5 points mentioned ahead will not only keep your phone and its battery safe but will also prove to be helpful for smartphone use.


Do not put the mobile cover.

Whether it is an Android smartphone or Apple’s iPhone, people often put a beautiful mobile cover to make their phone look attractive and stylish. Landscape, mobile covers ranging from superheroes to own photos are pretty popular, and girls even put cat and rabbit nose-ear covers on their phones. But here let me tell you that whenever your mobile phone is getting hot, remove the lid on it immediately and do not forget to return the cover till it is normal.

Do not charge the phone.

Best Phone Charger

The heating of the phone is usually revealed only during some small tasks. Often, when the phone is being charged, then the call is made. Like this, when playing games on mobile, the phone becomes hot at that time. Likewise, during long video or voice call, the phone becomes hot after several times.


In such a situation, whenever the phone is hot, the phone should never be put on charge at that time. Of course, the phone battery is kept low, but as long as the phone is hot, do not charge it at all.

Please do not keep it inside the pocket.

Mobile phones have made people wireless. Like landline or computer, there is no need to sit in one place to use the smartphone. The phone stays with the user at all times, and the universal place to keep it in the pocket of pants. But here, you want to instruct that whenever your phone is getting hot, do not keep it inside the bag.

If possible, place it in a cool place; it would be better. And dear readers here from the cold site means the wind of the fan. Please do not keep it in the fridge while showing more sense.


Do not use the phone.

Turn off its use if the smartphone is heating up. Clause all the apps running in the background. If Bluetooth or WiFi is on, disable it. If a file of some kind is being downloaded, then pause it for some time. Turn off mobile data if it is not necessary. Overall, when your phone is hot, please do not use it until the phone’s temperature becomes normal.

Do not use a battery.

Fast Charging Mobile

After many times the reason behind the heating of the phone is also its battery. The phone heats up even when the battery is weak. It is better to check the phone’s battery in such a situation, and if there is any flaw, it should be replaced. Let me tell you here that do not try to remove the phone battery from yourself and for this. Take the help of the nearest mobile service.


How can I fix my phone from heating?

Keep updating the phone’s apps periodically. This app is Bugs Free. Apart from this, updating the software to your phone can also solve the heating problem. Charging: Always charge your phone with the charger that comes with it.

What is the reason for phone heating?

Many different factors can be responsible for the heating of the smartphone. From its processor, the apps that are being used and multi-tasking tasks can heat the phone. Apart from this, the same happens when the phone is placed in the sun.

How can I cool down my phone?

Do these methods to cool the smartphone. How to Cool Down Warm Mobile –

  • Method 1: – By closing the background app
  • Method 3: – Turn off internet data
  • Method 4: – By replacing the lousy battery
  • Method 5: – Play high-traffic games for less

Why is my phone heating up so bad?

The phone has become a bit old and is getting hot in the use of any feature, so once you keep an eye on the software update because sometimes the phones are also hot due to the software. Software updates also help diagnose this problem.


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