Apple iPhone Free on Ordering 1kg Online, Know The Whole Matter

Apple iPhone Free on Ordering 1kg Online

There is often news of online fraud. It is often seen that a stone or any other thing is delivered to the customer upon ordering the smartphone from the online mode. However, a new case has surfaced in London, where a person had purchased one kg of apple from the online grocery store.

Apple iPhone Free on Ordering 1kg Online

But the free iPhone was delivered to the person along with Apple. Let us know that 50-year-old London resident Nick James has been given iPhone SE for free with a grocery item. Nick James received the iPhone SE online reward scheme. Nick James purchased the grocery item Apple from the UK based supermarket chain Tesco.

Tweeted thanks

This has been given by posting a tweet on the micro-blogging site Twitter from Nick James. James wrote that thanks to this beautiful gift given to Tesco. He said that last Wednesday I went to pick up my order, then got a surprise gift for free, when I opened this gift, I am not happy. Apple iPhone SE was in this surprise box.

According to James, he had ordered Apples. Instead, the Apple iPhone gift was received. Some shoppers are selected for promotional rewards from UK based supermarket chains. This reward is available on purchase from an online supermarket store. This scheme is known as Super Substitute Scheme.