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PUBG Mobile Cold Survival Mode To Be Released On April 16

Users playing the popular mobile game PUBG Mobile will get a new mode from April 16. PUBG Mobile has shared information about this latest PUBG Mobile Cold Survival Mode from its official Twitter handle. In the information shared on its official social media handle, it also learned that players would also get a new map in this new model. However, according to some players, PUBG Mobile’s popular Erangel map itself requires players to play games in an icy environment. There is the reason why this new model is being called Cold Survival Mode.

PUBG Mobile Cold Survival Mode

The new Mobile Cold Survival Mode players will be able to play from April 16. However, nothing has mentioned about this mode in the information shared on the social media platform. The snowy atmosphere can see in the teaser poster. In this, users can also get an icy Vikendi map. In this tease poster, one player is holding the hand of another player. These suggest that it may be a comrade in Badal mode. PUBG Mobile has written in this new mode teaser, “Things are getting a bit … chilly here.” In another tweet, the game also teases drone with an icy atmosphere.

Mobile Cold Survival Mode can be similar to the rival battle game Call of Duty: Mobile. Call of Duty: Mobile also has features like drone surveillance. Recently, the next season 13 of PUBG Mobile has also teased. This new season can roll out under the name Toy Playground. Players may get to see Power Rangers in the new season 13. The new season of PUBG Mobile can base on the Toy theme. However, the developers have not yet shared further details about this new season.

PUBG Mobile Has Shared Information About This New Cold Survival Mode From Its Official Twitter Handle. PUBG Mobile Cold Survival Mode To Be Released On April 16.

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