PUBG Mobile Became The Highest Grossing Game in The World


PUBG Mobile has set off the highest-grossing game worldwide. This has revealed in a May report by data analytics firm Senser Tower. PUBG’s business has grown by 41 per cent so far compared to the year 2019, during which PUBG has earned about $ 226 million from users. PUBG Mobile’s revenue also covers revenue from China. Actually, in China, PUBG Mobile is known as another title game for Peace or Peacekeeper.

PUBG Mobile Highest Grossing Game

Another name in the list of gaming revenue is Tencent Game, which is known as Honor of Kings. In May this year, the Owner of Kings has grossed nearly $ 204 million. At the same time, it has registered a growth of 42% over the last year. If we look at the entire business of gaming, it found that about 95 per cent of the gaming revenue comes from China.

Apart from this, 2.2% of Thailand earns in gaming. In Thailand, the game known by the new name Garena Realm of Valor. Roblex has been the third highest-grossing game in the gaming business, with Mixi’s Moster Strike and Moon being Coin Master fourth and fifth.

According to a report by GizChina, a forward version of the classic Erangel Map has attached to the Chinese beta version of Game for Peace (or Peacekeeper Elite). This may be a testing phase, which can be seen in the Erangel 2.0 Map soon. Since it is only in beta, it may take some time for the global update to arrive in PUBG Mobile.

The new map of PUBG gives you the convenience of planning your route before starting your journey. According to the detail, players will be able to recognize Way Point in the map and then jump into a new game. Also, the new Erangel map awaits to have better graphics. Also, with the latest graphics maintain, the ultra-HD option will be available.