PUBG vs Call Of Duty Mobile Which is The Best Game?

PUBG vs Call Of Duty Which is Better

Today, as soon as the name of the mobile game comes, people first talk about PUBG. But in recent times it has been seen that Call of Duty has also become very popular. The game was first launched for PC in 2003 but recently its mobile version has also been launched and people are also very fond of it. In such a situation, mobile gamers are somewhat confused about these two popular games. Many people question who is better in both PUBG and Call of Duty games? To overcome this confusion of mobile users, I have made a small comparison in which you can know who is better. Lets Compare PUBG vs Call Of Duty.

PUBG vs Call Of Duty

PUBG vs Call Of Duty

PUBG and Call of Duty are two different mobile games but both also have many similarities. The storylines of both games are similar. Both these games are based on the Battle Royall theme and the way of playing is the same. In this, the battleground or maps are the same and you have to kill your enemies. The controls are there and can be played online. It is a multi-player game and both have the same job of finding and killing. The graphics are also almost identical and the weapons are also almost identical. Despite these similarities, there are many differences between the two games, while PubG is better and Call of Duty somewhere.

Here’s the call of duty

PUBG vs Call Of Duty Which is Best

5 VS 5 Death: Call of Duty’s 5 VS 5 death mode is quite awesome. PUBG does not have this feature and due to this mode, most people prefer Call of Duty. It consists of two groups of people playing an online game consisting of 5-5 people and then killing enemies. The group that kills the first 50 people would be the winner. In order to meet this target, indiscriminate firing and fierce fighting take place. It is a lot of fun.

Advanced Mode: Advance mode also puts Call of Duty ahead of PUBG. In this mode, you will get a drone to attack enemies and you can also do airstrikes. It sounds like a lot of fun. We miss these things in PUBG.

File Size: There is no doubt that PUBG is the most popular game today, but you can not deny that big file size is its problem. PUBG is about two and a half GB. At the same time, Call of Duty comes in half its storage. That is, there is about 1 GB file.

Quick Action: Call of Duty is also being liked for this because it is a bit faster than the match. That is, if you shoot or have any action, then in this game you will see faster, while PUBG seems a bit slow.

In these cases, PUBG falls,


All weapons will be heavy: In some cases, Call of Duty is ahead but it is not that there is no more left in PUBG. Rather, there are many such things in PUBG that users love. The first of these is that you will have all the guns from the beginning. You will get the weapon you would like to use. Whereas Call of Duty will get new weapons as the mode is unlocked.

Big Player Base: PubG Mobile’s player base is much larger than Call of Duty, so you get to play with different experts and it becomes quite fun.

Maps update: Maps are updated very frequently in PUBG mobile games. In this case, you will get a lot of newness in it. Call of Duty is far behind in this case.

Variety: Another feature of PUBG is that often you will be served different things which makes it even more fun. For example, if a Hollywood movie is being launched, a big character or a big event, then you will get things related to it in the game.

Graphics: Although the graphics of both the games have been created the same, in some cases PUBG proves to be better than Call of Duty.