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Sold 7 crore Jio Phone in 2 years, Reliance Jio sets new record


Reliance Jio created panic after taking entry into the telecom market. For a long time, the fan following of Jio, which provided free 4G Internet and voice calls. Grew so fast that long lines were to be found outside the mobile shops. Telecom companies such as Airtel Vodafone and Idea also had to cut their plans due to Jio’s cheap plans. 4G Internet usage in India has increased due to Jio. After the mobile plans, Jio had also made a big change in the country’s mobile market by introducing Jio Phone. At the same time, alarming news has come out that in just 2 years. Reliance Jio has sold 7 crore Jio Phones.

The news related to Reliance Jio has revealed that the 4G feature phones Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 introduced by the company have set a big record in the country’s mobile market. Jio Phone was so well-liked by the users that in just two years more than 7 crore Jio Phone has been sold. These 7 crore count includes both Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 devices. Jio Phone is believed to be the cheapest 4G feature phone in India. Which has fulfilled the needs of the users of the Internet?

Xiaomi – Samsung also left behind

A report for the fourth quarter of 2018 was shared by a research firm Counterpoint about India’s mobile market. Which details the sales and shipments of tech companies and smartphone brands. It was revealed in this report that Reliance Jio has the highest growth in the country’s mobile market. During the year 2017 in the feature phone market where Jio had 11 percent share. In the same year, Jio had captured 38 percent share in the feature phone market, increasing by 27 percent. Reliance Jio has risen so fast that it has also overtaken Xiaomi and Samsung. While Jio has jumped 27 percent, Xiaomi was able to achieve only 9 percent.


7 crore new customers in 24 months

Only the sim of Reliance Jio can be used in JioPhone. The company has made a record of selling mobile phones in 2 years by selling 7 million Jio Phones, while at the same time, in these two years, 7 million new users have been connected with Jio Network. On the one hand, due to the availability of 4G phones at a lower price, more people liked JioPhone, while the attractive features in JioPhone and the content on My Jio App made people crazy.

Jio Phone Diwali 2019

Given the festive season, Reliance Jio is going to make cheap JioPhone even cheaper. For JioPhone, the company has launched the ‘JioPhone Diwali 2019’ offer. JioPhone launched at Rs 1500 will now be sold for just Rs 699. Under the offer, this cell of JioPhone will start from October 8 and will run till October 27. The company will also give an extra benefit of Rs 700 on the recharge of JioPhone on behalf of Reliance Jio. The details of this offer can be read in detail on the company’s website.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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