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Most Responsive Tools To Embed Instagram Feed In 2021


Best Tools To Embed Instagram Feed: Instagram marketing has become a crucial marketing strategy for brands and businesses. Ever since social media has come into existence, these platforms have exploded in popularity due to their massive user base.

Apart from giving brands a chance to connect with their potential customers, brands and marketers are making full use of social media to promote their products and services. This is how social media marketing has come into existence.

Instagram has become a marketer’s favourite due to its vibrant and stunning content out of all the social media networks.


Moreover, those days are long gone when users only used texts to share their updates. Social media users have begun to leverage visuals as a medium to share their messages, and brands are using it to their advantage by embedding Instagram feeds on their websites.

With over 500 million active users, there is a high chance that your existing users will use the platform to share their experiences with your brands and their products.

Further embedding their experiences on your website can work tremendously to build a social proof of your brand and increase your users’ engagement on the website.


If you are convinced and are wondering about the embedding process, then this post is for you. In this blog, we shall be telling you about the best tools that can be used to embed Instagram feeds on a website.

Best Tools To Embed Instagram Feed


First up on the list is Tagembed – a leading social media aggregator tool used by users to collect, curate and embed social media content on their website. This comprehensive platform allows the users to pick a range from over 15+ social media platforms, including Instagram.

Tagembed offers various features to its users for increasing the effectiveness of the Instagram widget. Using the customization options, the users can style the device as per their personal needs and preferences. They can select from a wide range of fonts, colours, templates, layouts, etc.


The content moderation panel of the platform allows users to remove any unwanted or inappropriate content from the Instagram widget to ensure the content is of top quality. Not only this, but the platform also offers advanced analytics to keep track of the performance of the Instagram widget.

Lastly, Tagembed has an active back-support team to assist the users every time they encounter a technical issue or hindrance while using the platform.

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is yet another comprehensive platform that seamlessly aggregates and integrates Instagram feeds on the website. This tool is lightweight and does not affect the performance or speed of the website.


The platform again offers multiple features to its users for improving the impact of the Instagram widget. With a wide range of customization options, a responsive content moderation panel, advanced analytics, and excellent back support, this platform has proven to be one of the best tools for embedding an Instagram widget on the forum.


Another best tool to embed an Instagram widget on the website is Flockler. The platform lets the users aggregate content from the platform using specific hashtags, mentions, and accounts. After aggregating the content, the users can customize their Instagram widget by choosing from various layout options, colours, and other branding options.

Overall, the tool is straightforward to set up and use. The users also can moderate the content before publishing it on the website, and the users may hide any content if need be so.


Official Instagram Embedding Option

Instagram also gives its users an option to embed Instagram content on their website. The process is straightforward and can be completed in a few easy steps. The users need to redirect to the post, click on the three dots and the embed option, copy the embed code and paste it into the backend of the website where they wish to display the Instagram content.

However, even though the process is simple, it is pretty taxing and time-consuming for the users. The process only lets the users embed one post at a time. On the other hand, the alternatives mentioned above let the users embed multiple Instagram feeds.

Key Takeaways

This brings us to the end of this post, and you are now aware of the fantastic tools that can be used to embed Instagram feeds on the website.


Showcasing Instagram content on the website is a highly adopted marketing strategy brands use to improve their marketing efforts massively.

Brands can enjoy increased user engagement, increased dwell time, reduced bounce rate, and gradually more sales and conversions.

Since you are aware of the most responsive tools for creating and embedding an Instagram widget on your website, get going and choose your best fit to upscale your business and maximize your profits!

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