Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE Review: Best Smartwatch for Android Users

The demand for wearable devices has seen in the last few years. Be it a fitness band or a smartwatch, this market is also growing rapidly like a smartphone. South Korean company Samsung has recently launched the Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE Smartwatch. This smartwatch has launched in two screen sizes 46mm (4.6cm) and 42mm (4.2cm). The smartwatch I’m going to review today is the Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE 46mm (4.6cm) size wearable device. I have brought this review for you after using this smartwatch for about 10-12 days.

Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE Review

As the name suggests, this smartwatch (Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE) comes with 4G connectivity. It has the facility to install eSIM. You can connect it to both your Android device or iOS device. I have used it by connecting it with Samsung’s smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE 46mm (4.6cm) is priced at Rs 30,999. However, its second variant is priced at Rs 28,999. This smartwatch comes with only one silver color option. You can buy it from the company’s official store with the No Cost EMI option.

Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE Review


First, let us talk about the design of Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE. It has a watch face with analog design, which you can also customize as per your wish. In the watch face, the steps you have taken throughout the day reflect that. Apart from this, temperature also reflects time and date. However, it depends on the watch’s face whether to reflect. Waterproof and water resistance strip are provided in the smartwatch. It is comfortable and you can also adjust it according to your own. However, itching issues can also come after being worn for a long time. I will recommend that you can keep the smartwatch off for some time in the day.

The display

It has a 3.29 cm ie 1.3-inch touch screen Super-AMOLED display. You can also change the brightness of its display by going to settings. The right side of the dial of the smartwatch has a power button or home button and a back button. A rotational tray is provided in the dial of the smartwatch, with the help of which you will be able to scroll the manual of the smartwatch. One special thing about its display is that as soon as you rotate the face of the watch towards your face, its sensor turns on the display.

Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE

The watch faces off as the smartwatch is rotated in another direction. Also, you can lock the screen of the display through a pattern. You can also wake up by tapping on its display. However, there is also an option to always turn on the watch face in settings. Consumption of the battery is high when display on Always. I will recommend that its Always-on display does not turn on.


Talking about the performance of Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE, a dual-core processor of 1.15GHz has been given. The phone has 1.5GB of RAM and 4GB of storage. Talking about the battery, it has a battery of 472 mAh. According to the company’s claim, it gives 80 hours of battery backup. However, its battery does not last more than 48 hours. It has a wireless charging option. You can charge it with any reversible wireless charging device. , you can play music for 16 hours. If the smartwatch is waterproof, you can also swim by wearing it. This smartwatch is quite good in terms of performance. It works on the Tizen operating system and can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.


Any smartwatch can be tested due to the sensors present in it. Many types of health and environment sensors have been provided in this smartwatch. The smartwatch has an accelerometer sensor, which monitors your body while walking or jogging. Apart from this, a barometer has been given to measuring air pressure in the environment. Apart from this, Hort Rage Monitor, Light Sensor, and Gyro Sensor have also been provided. This sensor notifies you about physical activity. With the help of widgets in it, you can monitor your daily activity.


Talking about the features of Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE, it comes with many types of in-built apps. These apps keep notifying your day-to-day activity. You can also make calls through a smartwatch. Not only this, but you can also read the notifications of your apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail. This smartwatch also gives you the option to type messages. You can also reply to any message from the smartwatch itself. You can also control the music playing in your smartphone through a smartwatch. In a smartwatch, you can monitor calendar and sleep activities from calendar planning.

Overall experience

What I found very special in the Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE is that it accurately monitors body movements like your heart rate and stress level. Because of this, you can plan your day-to-day routine. There are many customization options in smartwatches. You can also record your daily activity by connecting it through your Samsung Account. What I did not like in this is that its battery runs out quickly. Also, its watch face sensor sometimes does not work. Talking about the overall experience, this smartwatch can be a better wearable gadget for you. One more thing I would like to add is that its app is not currently supporting Android 10. In the coming times, it can also support Android 10 with OneUI 2.0.

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