Steps Before Smartphone Repair to Any Shop or Service Center

When the health worsens or falls ill, go to the doctor. In such a situation, a doctor is such a person, on whom everything is believed without any questioning. Now talk about tech and gadgets, when your mobile and smartphone is bad then you are brought to the service center of the brand. Like a doctor, we have full faith in the artisans of the service center and leave the trust of the service center employee to smartphones that have become an important part of their lives. That person undoubtedly gives the smartphone a complete repair, but it is important to take care of many things before taking your biggest ‘Lost’ i.e. your phone to such a service center. Because a little carelessness can cause a lot of trouble for you. Follow These 5 Steps Before Smartphone Repair to Service Center.

Steps Before Smartphone Repair

First of all, let us give you a fresh example which is November 4th. One such negligence was very expensive for a woman living in California, USA, when her ‘personal picture’ was shared due to the delivery of the phone to the service center. This service center was Apple, one of the most reputed mobile companies. A boy named Gloria had some problems with his iPhone, for which she took him to Apple’s service center. An employee working there is alleged to have forwarded an ‘extremely personal’ photo of Gloria to her number while fixing Gloria’s phone. This matter remains very sensitive in the US. That is why we want our readers to be aware and they do not have to face any such situation.

Smartphone Repair

1. Delete banking details

First Steps Before Smartphone Repair. Ever since smartphones have come in people’s lives, everyone is using digital banking. Whether it is a bank app or online banking, money is transacted from the phone itself. Bank’s personal documents such as debit and credit card details, e-banking IDs and passwords for ATM and Internet transactions, etc. are kept in their phones. In such a situation, if possible, it is advisable to delete all the banking details from your phone before placing the phone at the service center.

2. Unload Wallet App

Second Steps Before Smartphone Repair. Along with banking, digital wallets like Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay, and Bheem app are also used by everyone. People buy small apps and mobile recharge etc. they prefer these apps. If you are going to give a phone to the service sensor, then it would be better to delete these apps from your phone. These apps can be downloaded again after the phone recovers.

3. Necessary to hide contacts and messages

Third Steps Before Smartphone Repair. There was a time when phone numbers of their relatives were written in the diary. Many people even remembered their relatives’ numbers. But since the time the smartphone has come. People save the phone in the contact list instead of memorizing the numbers and writing in the diary. It is also necessary to hide your contact list before placing a call at the service center. Because if there is a dent in the contact list, then it can create problems not only for you but also for other people who save the phone book.

Steps Before Smartphone Repair

4. Photo Gallery

Fourth Steps Before Smartphone Repair. It is said that the photo gallery of the phone is a mirror of its user’s nature and nature. We store all our moments in our phone gallery. Which contains more photos of our friends, relatives and loved ones than our own photos. Before placing the phone at the service center, it is better to copy the phone gallery to the laptop or any other device and then delete it from the phone. After recovering the phone, the entire gallery can be re-inserted into the phone.

5. Email and Password

Fifth Steps Before Smartphone Repair. Most official documents and mail are saved on email IDs. On the other hand, the user names and passwords of their various platforms are also saved on Google account or Apple ID. In such a situation, it is necessary to delete all the details of the phone before placing the phone at the service center.

It is worth noting that if you take a backup of the entire phone before placing the phone at the service center, it will be better. If possible, then format your phone. By doing this, not only the data on the phone will be safe. But also after the phone is repaired, it will work like a new device. If the display of the phone is not enabled. Then the phone can be reset by connecting it to a computer or laptop. Steps Before Smartphone Repair

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