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SURYA MATKA GUESSING: All Surya Matka Guessing Tricks friends, today we show you 7 Open Jodi how you forth Surya Matka Guessing Kalyan, L43 and Simple Matka Guessing, Mumbai using the

Friends, all the ways have been given for you. With the help, you can quickly get out of Matka Ank by doing Matka Guessing for six days, then read it below, friends and learn how you can get 7 Open Jodi using Surya Matka Guessing.

Surya Matka Guessing: Do you want to know what this Surya Matka guessing is and what you can take advantage of, and what you can do with it


Friends, the first thing is that Surya Matka Guessing is a method by which you can easily play any Matka game.

And friends, there are many ways of Guessing Surya, but we will talk about the ways that you can win all the Matka games very quickly.


Matka Guessing 143

Friends like Surya Matka have lots of tricks, like Surya Matka guessing the Kalyan trick and Surya Matka guessing 143 tricks. Using all these methods, you can be as much as Sara Surya Satta Matka and be a crore husband.

So friends, let’s start the whole way of Surya Matka, and before that, we will know what Surya Matka is and the first task of learning Surya Matka Guessing.


See friends, if you want all of Matka Khel as much as you can, then read the Surya Matka Guessing Trick below and know all about Surya Matka from A to Z so that it is easier for you to learn the Surya Matka Guessing trick and all of you. Win the game easily.

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What is Surya Matka Satta?

See your friends. If you want to learn Surya Maka Guessing, you have to know everything about Surya Matka, so let’s see what Surya Matka Satta is.


First of all, friends, this is not a Surya Matka Satta no Matka game site, but it is a way to get Matka points of any Matka game and easily win the game.

Friends, have you ever played Matka or are you playing for the first time? If you are playing for the first time, you must know that Matka is about to cut marks, and if you see, you will understand all the ways easily.

Friends, you have to know the Matka cut marks first. After that, you have to know everything else about Surya Matka Guessing. Just read all the tricks and tricks below.


So friends, if you will be doing Matka Ank Guessing well, you will first have to be the mother. What is the cut mark of Matka? So, friends, Matka Cut Ank is being given below, then you see it.

Surya Matka Trick

Friends, you see that Matka Ka Kya Cut Ank Hai. So friends, we will start now how we Matka Guessing Kaise karenge Surya Matka . So that you can play and win Kalyan Matka ank , Mumbai Matka ke Number Nikala ke


Surya Matka Guessing New Mumbai Trick Guessing Number. So, Daily Pass Surya Matka Kalyan Guessing 143.

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Surya Matka Guessing Mumbai Kya Hai?

Friends, Matka Guessing Mumbai is how you can easily be Matka Ank Nikal Sakte and can make money in games by removing Matka Points.


Now we will share how you get out of Matka Ank is the same Surya Matka Mumbai Gussing. And friends, you should read this method below, and you will also do lotus Matka guessing, and you will even win 1005

Matka Trick Formula

Friends, you are Ank Nikala Sakte of Mumbai Game by Surya Matka Guessing, and friends, you can easily win all Mumbai Matka Ank Nikala key and double your money.


Now friends, we will share how you use Surya Matka, Guessing Kaylan Matka and I will also use Kalyan Matka Game kaise Nikala Sakte Ho.

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Surya Matka Guessing Kalyan Kya hai?

The way we get out of Kalyan Matka Ank is that we call it Matka Guessing Method, and now we will use Surya Matka Trick, and it is called Surya Matka Guessing Kalyan.


Do you know that through Surya Matka Guessing Trick, you can quickly complete all Kalyan Matka Game if you do not know, then read below, and after reading, you are Kalyan Matka Ank Nikal Sakte from Asni

See friends; if you do not get out of Kalyan Matka Ank properly, then you will lose, so you should read them guessing Kalyan Matka correctly.

Kalyan Matka Chart


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Surya Matka Mobi Kya hai?

See friends, when we talk, there are many Matka games, and there are many Matka websites where the method of Surya Matka is used.

So, friends, this is a website that uses Surya Matka’s method. We call it Surya Matka Mobi, and its process is called Surya Matka Guessing Mobi Trick.


And there is one thing, if you go to that website, you will find the old way there, so if you want to know the new Surya Matka trick, then read below.

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Surya Matka Guessing 143 Kya hai?

See friends; if we talk now about Matka Guessing, then there are many ways to score points of your game by reading any Guessing trick.


And friends, you know that there are many ways of Surya Matka Guessing with the help of which you can easily score points of your game such as the first Surya Matka Guessing method and Surya Matka Guessing Kalyan Open method and by using this method you will be able to do well Can remove open points.

Just like that, Surya Matka Guessing 143 is a way to remove any game points very quickly and as many games as you can.

So friends, if you want to learn all the ways of Surya Matka Guessing 143, then definitely read below so that you can increase your money in the game quickly by Sikh.


Friends, if you have played the Matka game, then you must have known about the cut marks of Matka, if you do not learn, then read the Jake Matka Cut above, and after that, the following method has been read, if you do not understand anything. Comment below and tell me where you are unable to understand.

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How to learn and play Surya Matka Guessing 143?

See Surya Matka Guessing is another perfect method: Surya Matka Guessing 143, which will help you get Matka Points very much.


See if you want to learn all the ways with the help of which you can win any game easily, so we can find all the methods of Surya Matka such as Surya Matka Guessing 143 , Surya Matka Guessing Kalyan , Surya Matka Fix Game, Surya Kalyan Mumbai Matka Trick, has been made a way by which you can quickly get a six-day Matka Ank week.

What is Surya Matka Fix Game?

Friends, you do not know that those who win all Matka games, how they play Matka, then friends, if you want to play like them, then read below.

When we play the Matka game, then we do not play just like this. First, you will have Matka Ank nikalna. After that, you will spend money on any Ank. Then you will win the Matka Game.


Kalyan Matka

Let’s know what you need to do to get Surya Matka Fix Game. So guys, just now, you have to learn Surya Matka Guessing Trick, and after learning it, you are easily all Matka Ank Nikal Sakte.

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What is Simple Matka Guessing?

Friends, this Simple Matka Guessing is a straightforward Matka Guessing method, with the help of which you will be able to get Matka Points of six days quickly.

And friends, by using this simple Matka Guessing method, you can remove the digits of Kalyan, and Mumbai Matka and friends say this method is called Simple Matka Guessing Kaylan Mumbai.

Friends, its name is Simple Matka Guessing because it is straightforward, and anyone can learn it quickly.


And friends, with the help of this method, you can get Matka Points of many games, and you can quickly increase your money by playing all Matka games.

Friends, let’s start all the ways of Simple Matka Guessing without delay and before that, let us know how you can learn all these methods and how you can benefit from this method.

Come on, guys, read below now and know all the ways you can easily win all the games.


How to use Simple Matka Guessing?

See friends, if you want to know more about this method to use this method, then friends, without leaving any line, read all and learn how you can easily roast all the games.

Now friends, if you want to use it, first you have to learn all the Matka cut marks and only then you can understand this method and friends, for now, you can know all the Matka marks from Asni which is given above.

Now, friends, this simple Matka Guessing will have to do another easy task to learn and friends, just now you have to get all the results of the game you want to invest money and friends if you don’t know the results of Matka Don’t worry you will get it below.


And friends, you will get the method of all six days below, with the help of which you can quickly learn this simple Matka Guessing method, and friends, if you read the below-given way, you can learn all the things by playing all the Matka games. And you can become a million husband.

Friends, now let us know everything about Simple Matka Guessing, after which you will be able to learn this method quickly and be able to use it.


So friends, let’s now know what this Simple Matka Guessing Trick is and how you can take advantage of it using the static method.

What is Simple Matka Guessing Trick?

Friends, this Simple Matka Guessing Trick is a way with which you can quickly get six days of Fix Fix Fix Number and easily get all the games.

And friends, this is one such Matka Guessing Trick that can easily give you all the sports sites.


One perfect thing is that you can use this method for many games, due to which you do not need to do much.

And friends, now I know a little more about these Simple Matka Guessing tricks, due to which you will be very easy to understand and use this method.

Simple Matka Guessing Kalyan trick

Friends, there is just one thing that what is this simple Matka Guessing Kalyan trick? So friends, now let us know a little more about it to understand all the ways easily.


Simple Matka Guessing Kalyan trick means by using this method of Simple Matka Guessing. You can quickly get the Fix Fix Fix Number of all the games.

Friends, you know what this Simple Matka Guessing Kalyan trick is, so one more thing to know about this Simple Matka Guessing trick.

Simple Matka Guessing Mumbai trick

Friends, as you go up, I know about the simple Matka Guessing Kalyan trick just like that.


Simple Matka Guessing Mumbai trick It is no different because it is also the method of Simple Matka Guessing.

But the only thing here is that you used to use this method for the welfare game. Now you will use it for Mumbai just because it is called Simple Matka Guessing Mumbai trick.

So friends, now the thing is, what is this simple Matka Guessing, and how will you learn this method, friends? Let us tell you that you will find this method below, and you can know it below. So friends, without wasting time, go down and see the secret of all the ways and win all the games.


New Surya Kalyan Mumbai Matka Trick

Friends, a long time ago, used to be an old trick and trick of Surya Matka which we had done a lot of Matka Guessing and it did not run after a few days, a new way has come.

New Surya Matka trick You know all the Matka Ank Nikal sakte easily, and you can easily play all the games, then read the new Surya Matka Trick.

See friends, you will learn all the Matka guessing tricks below, and you will play Matka and Nikala Matka game and It is essential to know how you will know how Surya Matka Winner, so read below what has been told after Surya Matka Guessing Trick.


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Guessing Trick | kalyan matka ank kaise nikale?

See friends, I am going to tell you today how you do Kalyan Matka number every day. Main Mumbai Matka Ki ank nikale Ke Khel Sakte Ho.

So friends, today, I will give you one by one the way of the whole day. So friends, let us know the way of Monday, Monday Surya Matka Guessing Trick.


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Monday Matka Guessing Trick Monday’s way

Surya Matka Guessing Mumbai

Surya Matka Guessing Trick Monday Latest


Friends, you see above how to make Surya Matka Kalyan Matka Number Guess, then let us tell you very well.

Friends, you have to do that. You will first see Matka Ank of Monday by looking at the numbers of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

First, you have not got the last digit of Monday, and the first digit of Mars bar and the first Ank of Mercury is not
8 + 9 + 8 = 25


After that, you have to match that 25 in 3, then after that take the last digit of the digit, you will get and after that, the last digit of Ank is cut out, and in the coming sometime you play that number 25 + 3 = 28
“8” cut marks. Is three and see friends here three has passed

So, guys, you have to go to the game in the same way, and after that, I have to mix 2 and 1 after 3 and 0. After 0 below, you have to meet four again. After that, 3, 2, 1, 0 have to be mixed.

Friends, this was the way of Surya Kalyan Matka. Like Guessing’s Monday, you can win from Assamese.


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Matka Guessing Tuesday Easy Way to Tuesday

Friends, let’s start the way of Tuesday, how you become Kalyan Matka and Nikal sakte of Monday and now learn Surya Matka Guessing.

Surya Matka Guessing Forum


Friends, see this. The way of Tuesday is straightforward. You will not have much trouble. The only thing you have to do is that if you play Tuesday coming from today’s Tuesday, how will you play below.

You do not have to play Close Penal from Open Penal first. If the first issue of Open Penal comes first, I will arrive on Tuesday. Then you can invest money on that issue. So, Dosto Apko again likes Ank main Paise Lagana hai with close penal of Tuesday. Also, after that, you open the main penise Lagana hai from the last corrective. This is how you can play Tuesday.

Wednesday Ank Guessing How Wednesday’s Matka issue came out

Surya Matka Guessing Today


So, Friends, just like you had got the Matka marks on Tuesday, just like that, you will have to come out on Monday.

Friends would help if you also started with Open Penal, and after that, you can also play the same game from Close Penal in Mercury.

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Thursday Matka Trick How did I get Matka marks on Thursday?

So, not much will change for Dosto dekhiye Thursday. Just as you came out the Matka points of Tuesday and Wednesday, you have to do it on Wednesday.

Surya Matka Trick

Friends, you have seen how you can guess the matka of Thursday through the Surya Matka Ke, the friends are elementary, and there is a unique way for Friday and Saturday for you.


So, unique way for Dosto Niche Padhe Friday and Saturday jo ki aap ko Matka Ank Nikalne main bahut madad Karega.

Friday Guessing Trick Friday How did I get matka marks.

Surya Matka Mobi

Also, look, brother, this is a good way and a straightforward way to get marks like the above mentioned Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in this way.


So, Dost has just been cleared of Saturday, and you can get a perfect picture of this game. Could you read it and know?

Saturday Surya Matka Guessing Trick

Surya Matka Guessing Saturday

Surya Matka Trick Guessing


Friends, if you see the trick above, then friends, you have to do that you have to play the coming Tuesday of Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

The puzzle is that you have to match the last number of Thursday to the last and the last number of Saturn. Whatever comes after mixing will be
9 + 9 + 2 = 20, Pass = 0

So, the second time you have to play with the first digit of the whole day, such as combining the first number of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you can get the number of the coming Saturn.


So, friends, you can easily get Matka Points, Surya Matka guessing Ke sath, all games jaise ki Kalyan Matka, Mumbai Matka Ke Number bhi Nikal sakte ho.

How to See Surya Matka Winner?

Friends, playing Matka Points is not the only thing. You will have to check the Surya Matka Winner List after putting money in the game and see whether the result I have invested has come into work.


Friends, there are two ways to view this Surya Matka winner List, with the help of which you can quickly see Surya Matka Winner List.

First of all, friends, go to your phone and open Google Chrome, search and write Satta List in it and see that a lot of websites will open in front of you, open any of them and find the games that you invested in your money.

Friends and an easy task, wherever you are playing Matka game, you will get the result on the same and if you want to see the work without doing anything, click on the below given Todays Satta Result.


Today Satta Result

Matka Guessing Kya Hai?

Surya Matka Guessing is a gassing method through which you can quickly get the power matka points and gassing the Matka. And friends, you have not lost any game by doing this.

Satta Matka Kaise Khele?

  • The first game has to
    be watched – When you want to play Satta Matka, you have first to think which game you will play, like Gali Diswar, Main Mumbai, Kalyan Matka, Satta King. After that, you can play a jake
  • You have to create
    an account and add money – when you think about which game you will play, you have to create your account and put money in it. After putting in cash, you can put money in any number of points and whatever you can.
  • Recommended Point- Before you play Satta Matka, you have to score points –
    When you have paid money in your account, you have to start playing the game money and friends, do not ever spend the game money without getting Matka Points. You have to get Satta Matka Points first. You put money
  • After investing money, you must see the result –
    when you have invested money in the game, then you are just waiting for the work, you have not witnessed whether your number has come out today, if you have come then you must go and check your account and your money Withdraw to the bank soon
    So, Dosto, this was how you would play Satta Matka, friends, you can easily win all such games, then this is the whole way that has been told to you.

How to play Satta?

Friends, if you want to play Satta Matka, then you have to watch the game first, after that, you will have to create your account, you will have to put money in the store, and after that, you will have to invest money on one or a few points and friends like that, you must bet Have to play.


Matka Tips Today Kalyan Kya hai?

When you are playing Satta Matka, you have a critical mother, Matka Tips Today Kalyan, so friends, keep in mind the tips given below.

  • # Friends, the first thing is that if you are playing a new Satta Matka, then before playing, know everything about Matka as if Matka is a gamble, and if you play this game, the police can arrest as well as jail and pleasing you. Also, have to give
  • Now, before you play Matka, see how the Matka result is coming out and after that, learn how to extract Matka marks yourself.
  • After learning the method, the Matka marks come out every day and see if a result is coming in your products.
  • If you are getting the points result, you can play now, yet you can only add money in single digits and not put money in the strip.
  • First, if you lose the first time, you only put the work amount, you can play the second time, and you will not lose much.
  • When you win a lot of Matka games for the best days, only then you can invest money in pair and bandage,
    then friends, if you play these Matka tips, you will never lose it.

Last Terms

So, Dosto, how you felt Surya Kalyan Matka Guessing Trick If you liked it, then you enter the stock from your friends if you understand what I mentioned of course by Comment happened Asubidha then down Also, This All About Surya Kalyan Matka Guessing K If you have any question about Surya Matka Guessing then comment below.

Terms Of Use:

When you play betting, so you are the only one responsible for all the problems and problems. We are not responsible for what you learn about Satta or play betting.
Playing and Learning about “ Surya Matka guessing ” and About Kalyan, Satta Matka guessing is entirely your responsibility. So, we are not responsible for any problem or any cause.


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