TAGG Sonic Angle Mini-Review: Portable Speaker in Low Price

TAGG Sonic Angle Mini Review

Everyone is fond of music. When someone sings, someone listens. Those are the times when speakers were placed in a power plug at the same place to listen to songs. Today’s demand for portable speakers is increasing rapidly. These portable speakers that can be easily connected to the phone via Bluetooth can listen to their favorite music whenever and wherever they want. Keeping in mind the demand of people, many tech companies are making Bluetooth speakers that come in different sizes and budget ranges. TAGG, a long-time music player and accessories maker, has recently launched its new product TAGG Sonic Angle Mini Bluetooth Speaker in the Indian market. This speaker has been launched in a low budget, which is not only small in size but is also available for sale at a price of just Rs 1399. If you are also thinking of buying a new and cheaper Bluetooth speaker,

Design & Build

TAGG Sonic Angle Mini is known to a small size speaker. According to its name, this is a very compact device that can be easily carried around. This speaker is triangular in shape with four-foot support at the base. These supports are equipped with rubber which makes a good grip when the speaker is placed on any surface, as well as maintains the surface and gap in the speaker. The woofer fits on the bottom panel of Sonic Angle Mini. Talking about the size, it is 9.8 cm wide, 7.3 cm high and 7.2 cm tall.

The right side buttons of Sonic Angle Mini are given which include the power button, volume up and down button, Bluetooth butter and ‘link’ button, besides the buttons, there is also the light and microphone of a Net light. These buttons have also been coated with rubber so that there is no fear of accidentally pressing the button. Similarly, the connectivity port hub has been given on the rear panel of the device, which has a 3.5 mm jack and a micro USB port. This port hub is also protected with a thick rubber layer so that the speaker ports are protected from water and dust.

The TAGG Sonic Angle Mini has a very good look and looks solid and rugged. The rubber coating on the plastic body, along with its look, also makes the quality of the device strong. We found the Sonic Angle Mini in black color, which is quite attractive to see. But the function buttons in this black color are also made in black color, which is not easily visible during use. On the other hand, if you are playing a speaker inside a night party or room, a little extra attention has to be paid before pressing the volume or other buttons.

Connectivity and Features

In TAGG Sonic Angle Mini, the company has given a 6-watt power speaker which produces a 50mm x 80mm bass radiator. From the company, this Bluetooth speaker has a battery of 2,200 mAh. Which is capable of giving 8 hours of backup according to the brand. The Sonic Angle Mini comes with a 5-meter Bluetooth connectivity capability. This device has stereo speakers. This TAGG speaker has a built-in mic, which works with iPhone and Android phones.

Along with the speaker, the company also offers Micro USB and AUX cable in the box. This speaker can connect to Bluetooth as well as AUX cable. Which works in all three mobile, laptop and TV. Sonic Angle Mini also has a ‘Sharing’ feature that connects it to other speakers around this speaker. After connected to other Bluetooth speakers, the songs played on this speaker automatically start playing on the other speakers as well. That means double the party fun.


Talking about the performance of the TAGG Sonic Angle Mini. We charged the speaker for about 1 hour and then ran it through Bluetooth and through the aux cable for about 6 hours, the performance of the speaker has remained the same throughout. In many Bluetooth speakers, when the battery is lower, the volume also reduces automatically. While the sonic angle mini did not reduce the sound of the speaker despite the low battery power. It can say that this small TAGG speaker has the ability to provide powerful battery backup.

All the features and look of any speaker becomes meaningless if it is sound quality is not good. But Sonic Angle Mini has proved itself well on this point as well. We really liked the sound of this Bluetooth speaker. Its volume does not burst when the volume is full. The rhythm of this speaker is a balance in any kind of music. Both the treble and the bass, whether it is a loud clangor a strong thunder. Are excellent in TAGG’s Sonic Angle Mini. Due to the woofer on the lower surface, when the speaker place on a plane surface, there is a tremendous boom in the sound.

While the TAGG Sonic Angle connects with the Mini AUX cable, the Bluetooth connectivity of the speaker is also simple and fast. This speaker connects easily. On connecting to Bluetooth, it can be controlled from the street outside leaving the speaker in the other room. Sonic Angle Mini keeps the phone connected even after long distances. But at the same time, when we wanted to access the phone on the first floor and access it from the second floor, the connectivity has become slow. The speaker’s Bluetooth wall has less distinction.


The TAGG Sonic Angle Mini has a very good look which is very comfortable during use. This speaker can use it without extra care. The design of the speaker is good, but the body color of the button gets to mix with a little acidity. Sonic Angle Mini has a sound that can set your mood with all types of music. The great volume and strong sound quality are the biggest strengths of this speaker. The battery backup of the speaker is quite good. Launched at Rs 1399, the TAGG Sonic Angle Mini is available for sale on Flipkart for Rs 1299. Looking at the price, we can give the tag of ‘Murti Lahan Pan Kirti Mahan’ to TAGG Sonic Angle Mini. That is small insight but big in work.