TikTok App Hits 1.5 Billion Downloads on App Store and Google Play

The TikTok app is loved by many, so many people dislike it. TikTok’s name has been in controversies since the beginning and it has also been subjected to serious allegations like spreading data privacy and nudity. But despite all the controversy, TikTok’s popularity has steadily increased. A recent report related to TikTok has been revealed which states that this year the short video making app TikTok has set a new record, touching the figure of 1.5 billion users worldwide.

The report related to TikTok has been shared by the mobile intelligence firm Sensor Tower. According to this report, this year TikTok has completed 1.5 billion downloads worldwide. These figures are for both Android smartphones and iPhones and till now TikTok came into existence, the app has been downloaded in 1.5 billion mobile phones. According to the report, TikTok has been downloaded 6 percent more this year than last year. So far 61.4 crore people have downloaded TikTok in the year 2019.

TikTok App Highest User in India

While TikTok has completed 1.5 billion users all over the world, TikTok has been downloaded 46.68 million times in the country in India alone. That is, 31 percent of the users of TikTok’s users are in India. This year 27.76 crore people in India have downloaded TikTok on their phones. You will be surprised to know that this count is 45 percent of the TikTok app downloaded worldwide this year.

TikTok is the most used in India in the whole world. Indians have liked TikTok so much that they have also outnumbered TikTok’s home market i.e. the number of users present in China. This year in India where 27.76 crore TikTok users are connected with this app. At the same time, only 4.55 crore users in China have downloaded TikTok in their phones. China comes second in this list after India.

TikTok Videos

You can see how there is a big difference between the number of TikTok users in India at number one and China at number two. Similarly, America’s number comes in third place in this list. In the US, 3.76 crore users have downloaded the TikTok app this year.

TikTok has become the third-largest non-gaming app of 2019 with 61.4 million downloads. In this list, Whatsapp is at number one in the first place. This year 70.74 crore people have downloaded this app. Facebook Messenger is in second place with 63.62 million downloads. TikTok has taken the number three spot. On the other hand, Facebook is fourth with 58.7 million downloads and Instagram is fifth with 37.62 million downloads.

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