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To Get Your Post Trending on Instagram, Then Try These Tricks


Instagram Tricks: If you run Instagram, you would like to see your posts trending. People who have millions of followers on Instagram, their posts often come in trending. Today, we will tell you some such tricks, using which you can get your post trending on Instagram. With this, your followers will also increase rapidly.

Know Trending Instagram Tricks

1. If you use the appropriate hashtag with your Instagram post, then its reach will increase significantly, and the chances of it coming in trending will be very high.

2. While posting your post, you must tag the location there. If you do this, then people who post related to it will see your post.


3. Search the trending topics running on Instagram. Accordingly, you post the content and tag the people related to it. With this, more people will be able to react to your post by seeing it.

4. You post your Instagram at a time when most people use this platform. For this, you can search Insta’s best timing on Google. If you do this, then your post can go viral.

5. You can express your opinion by participating in all the ongoing contests and podcasts on Instagram. There are a large number of people who can like or dislike your idea.


6. Apart from photos, start posting videos on Instagram. Often people pay more attention to the video than the photo. In such a situation, the chances of increasing the reach and followers of your post will be more.

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