Twitter Tips To Add Photos and Videos In Your Tweet To Make It Interactive

Twitter Tips 2020

Twitter Tips: Popular microblogging platform Twitter has millions of users in India. Users use this platform for social conversion. In this, users can share their points through the post. This microblogging platform is as popular as other social media platforms such as Facebook and its users are considered elite.

Twitter Tips

Twitter has added many features to make this platform more interactive last year. Through these features, users can add photos, videos, and links on this platform. At the same time, users will able to go live on Twitter, just like Facebook. Today we are going to tell you tips to add content with a tweet in this platform.

Photos or GIF Image

You can also post pictures or GIF images via Twitter. For this, you will find a button to the left of the tweeting window and add photos and GIFs. You can add these elements with your tweet by tapping or clicking on this button. Keep in mind that you can add as many as four photos or GIF images to a post. You can also apply filters to photos or GIF images that you add to your tweet and crop the image. Not only this, but you can also add stickers to photos.

Twitter Tips and Tricks 2020

Video Posting

You can also post videos on Twitter like other platforms. However, on Twitter, you cannot post videos for longer than 2 minutes, 20 seconds. To post videos with a tweet, you must go to the Tweet window and hold the capture button. To do this, you will be able to record and post a video. Not only this, but you will also see videos in your device next to the capture icon. You will be able to upload videos from there or tap or click on the image icon.

Post Link – Twitter Tips

You can also post a connection with your tweet on Twitter Tips. For this, you can paste a link in the direct tweet window. It would be better to post a short link because the tweet’s word limit is low.

Twitter Tips and Tricks


To come live on Twitter, one has to go to the tweet window. After that, you tap on the camera and swipe left; then, you will get the option to go live below. By tapping on it, you will be able to interact live with your followers on Twitter.

Add A Caption To Photo

You can also add captions to your photo while tweeting the image. For this, after adding the picture, you have to tap on the Add description. After this, whatever caption you want to write will appear below the image.