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Verified Handles Releases New Eligibility Policy


Verified Handles Eligibility Policy: On 29 September 2021, Verified Handles brought its eligibility policy into effect without warning, affecting current and future applications as well as existing entries.

Some praised the policy as a guard against low-quality entries.

However, many more social media users expressed frustration after their entries were deleted from the database without notice, which gave existing entry representatives no chance to claim at meeting the eligibility policy with entries deleted.


Spot News 18 reached out to James Haworth, the computer science student behind the organisation.

Haworth said ‘The new eligibility policy has been introduced with careful consideration by myself to ensure it serves everyone at risk or affected by impersonation.”

He went on to say, “We take all feedback seriously and welcome comments about the [eligibility] policy; it is early days, and we are prepared to alter the policy.”


While the policy does address the concern about entities being accepted with little need for an entry, it does seem overly vague and intentionally harsh, almost as if Verified Handles wanted to turn away applicants.

The organisation is yet to make any changes as of this article’s release date.

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