Vodafone ₹229 Plan vs Reliance Jio ₹222 Plan Prepaid IUC Offer

Vodafone 222 Plan

Reliance Jio recently introduced three new plans for the convenience of its users, including free data and voice calling as well as getting minutes for off-network calls. These plans are for Rs 222, Rs 333 and Rs 444. Competing Jio’s Rs 222 plan, now telecom company Vodafone has also introduced a new prepaid plan. A new plan of Rs 229 has been introduced by Vodafone, which is launched in competition to Jio’s Rs 222 plan.

Vodafone 229

First of all talk about the new plan launched by Vodafone, this plan of Rs 229 is for prepaid users which comes with 28 days validity. In this plan, users will be given 2 GB 4G internet data every day. Apart from internet data, in this plan, users will be able to make free voice calls on both the on-network and off-network numbers for the entire 28 days. Free national roaming will also be given to users by Vodafone.

Reliance Jio 222

Talking about Jio’s Rs 222 plan, this plan is also for prepaid customers who come with 28 days’ validity. In this plan from the company too. Users are being given 2 GB of internet data every day, which runs at 4G speed. In this plan, where on-network voice calling is getting completely free. Jio users are being given 1000 minutes to make off-network calls.

Girl with Smartphone

Talking about other plans of Vodafone, a plan of Rs 255 has also been issued by the company under which 2.5 GB 4G internet data is being given every day for 28 days. Similarly, 1.6 GB 4G data every day for 28 days is being given in the company’s Rs 209 plan and 1.5 GB 4G internet data is being given every day for 28 days in the Rs 199 plan. Voice calling unlimited is being given free in all these plans.

Talking about Reliance Jio plans, the company has launched plans of Rs 333, Rs 444 and Rs 555. Jio will give 1000 IUC minutes in its plan. In the company’s 399 rupees plan, 2 GB of data is available every day with 56 days’ validity.

Similarly, 2 GB data is available every day in the plan of Rs 444 and Rs 555. While Jio’s Rs 444 plan comes for 84 days, the plan for Rs 555 is also valid for 84 days. But in this plan, users will get 3000 IUC minutes.