Whatsapp Group Chat Invitation Link Now Removed From Google Search

Whatsapp Group Chat

Another news related to the most secure instant messaging app WhatsApp revealed recently. According to this news, many of Whatsapp Group Chat links were being shown on Google Search. With the help of these links, users are able to join any group. The numbers of all the members present in that group are going public.

Actually, an institution named Motherboard has identified it. According to the report of his team, through Google search results, his team detected some similar WhatsApp group. His team also joined a group as a UN-recognized NGO. The team also informed that many such groups are being indexed by Google.

Whatsapp Group Chat

After this, WhatsApp official Jane Wong told that Google has 4,70,000 such WhatsApp groups available. Anyone can join all these groups easily. Twitter users have also tweeted the results of many such groups. The matter was tweeted by Google and it was said that Google or any other search engine flush any such link in Open Babe. There is nothing new in this. We also offer sites the tools to block such content.

After this statement from Google, WhatsApp has fixed such a problem. Any such link has now removed from Google Search. A Twitter user has also thanked WhatsApp for the removal of the WhatsApp group chat invite link from Google search. However, the user also said that apart from Google Search, such links are still available on other search engines. It is expected that WhatsApp will soon remove it from other search engines as well.