WhatsApp Increase Group Call Limit From 4 to 8 People

Whatsapp Group Video Call

There has been a lot of discussions that instant messaging app WhatsApp is going to bring an exceptional and useful feature for the users soon. At the same time, the company has officially announced that the group call limit in WhatsApp will extend till next week. So far, four people can be added to video calling in WhatsApp. At the same time, this limit will increase to 8 by next week. Or Pokemon will be able to chat with eight people simultaneously on WhatsApp till next week.

Whatsapp Group Video Call

By the way, let us know that WhatsApp was working on this feature for a long time and now the company has informed through its official Twitter account that the group co ling limit is now going to double and soon this feature will be rollout. And now users will be able to add eight people to group calling. This feature will be available on both Android and iOS platforms.

On Facebook’s blog post, the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also announced changes to the WhatsApp group call feature. Mark Zuckerberg says that ‘Daily calls to WhatsApp and Messenger are more than 700 million activities. Given the problem of Covid-19 in many countries, we have decided to double the calling. After this, users will be able to video chat with eight people simultaneously instead of 4 on What’s App. This feature will be very convenient for users during the lockdown.

By the way, Facebook has recently launched the Messenger Rooms feature. The feature of this feature is that it can connect up to 50 people for video calling simultaneously. For this, users will have to create a chat room, and the host will have complete control of this chat room.

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