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WhatsApp New Feature On the Path of Cyber Criminals, Erasing Evidence


Whatsapp Features: Maharashtra has witnessed a massive increase in cyber crimes in the last few years. More than 23,000 cybercrimes in the state in the previous seven years, but only 99 accused have been convicted. In Nagpur alone, the number of cybercrimes has increased by 104 per cent during the year. Similarly, the new feature of WhatsApp is proving to be in the hands of cybercriminals.

Whatsapp New Features

Now, WhatsApp has recently launched a new feature called ‘Photo Set to See Once’. This new feature allows you to view a photo video sent by a person only once. The photo video then disappears. That means you can’t watch that photo video again. But cyber expert Ajit Parse fears that the new feature could lead to cybercriminals destroying evidence.

Nagpur ranks eighth in the cybercrime rate.

Fifty-three crore users across the country currently use WhatsApp. As the number of WhatsApp users grows, so does cybercrime. In Nagpur alone, the number of cybercrimes has increased by 104 per cent during the year. Nagpur ranks eighth in the country in the cybercrime rate.


A tool to destroy evidence by committing a crime

Using the ninth feature, these criminals commit crimes, escape from the clutches of the law due to lack of solid evidence, and are free to commit crimes again. For such criminals, WhatsApp’s ‘Photo Set to See Once’ feature can be a tool to destroy evidence by committing crimes. Therefore, experts are expressing the need for everyone who uses WhatsApp to be careful.

National recognition of Nagpur crime

Meanwhile, Nagpur has topped the state in terms of crime due to the rising crime rate. The city of Nagpur has started its journey at the national level as it cannot be compared with other cities in the state. This is evident from the recently released figures from the National Crime Records Bureau.

Pune-Mumbai in how many places?

The city of Nagpur experiences an average of one hundred murders a year. Nagpur is on par with cities like Patna, Lucknow and Delhi, known for their crime. Pune is ranked 10th in the state, while Mumbai is ranked 16th. So now there is the rule of law in Nagpur city, or of criminals? Nagpur Police has to answer this question.


UP-Bihar-Delhi was also left behind.

The city of Nagpur has always been in the spotlight of severe crimes. This is not a matter of pride for the people of Nagpur and the police system. But now that Nagpur surpasses cities like Patna in Bihar, Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi, known for crime in the country, the police and the Home Ministry are also worried.

Nagpur city boundary extension is not considered in the record.

When asked about this, city police commissioner Amitesh Kumar has a different argument. The National Crime Records Bureau has 25 lakh in Nagpur, but the city has expanded. Many parts of rural Nagpur are included in the Nagpur City Police Commissionerate’s boundaries, so even though Nagpur ranks first in murder cases per one lakh population, it does not take into account the expansion of the Commissionerate of Police, he said.

Nagpur also beat Patna this year

The murder rate in Nagpur is 3.9 per cent. According to the National Crime Records Bureau’s 2020 crime report, Nagpur has the highest homicide rate at 3.9 per lakh population per one lakh population. According to the report, in 2020, 79 murders were reported in Patna, the capital of Bihar, at a rate of 3.85 murders per one lakh population. In other words, Nagpur has overtaken Patna this year in terms of murder cases per one lakh population.


Last year, Nagpur was second only to Patna in this regard. In 2019, the rate was 3.6 per cent in Nagpur and 4.9 per cent in Patna. In other words, for every one lakh population, the situation in Patna has improved, while in Nagpur, the situation has worsened.

The city of Nagpur has witnessed 2022 murders in twenty years, according to which there are hundreds of murders per year. It is a fact that this number has increased, but this figure has risen not today. In the year 2020, 97 cases of murder were reported in Nagpur. Therefore, there is a need to pay attention to this and bring crime under control.

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