Whatsapp New Features: Migrate WhatsApp Data From Android to iOS

Whatsapp New Features

Whatsapp New Features: The company keeps adding new features to the popular messaging app WhatsApp. This is the reason why most users around the world use this messaging app. The company has added a new feature on Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp. After the introduction of this new feature, users can quickly transfer chat backups from Android to iOS. After this new feature, users switching from Android smartphone to iOS will quickly transfer chat backups. The company is currently testing this feature.

Whatsapp New Features

Users have been waiting for this feature on WhatsApp for a long time. Now, users do not have the option to migrate data from one platform to another on WhatsApp. This upcoming feature of WhatsApp will make it much easier to migrate WhatsApp data from Android to iOS.

What is unique about the new feature

WhatsApp (or Facebook) is working on a feature that will allow users to migrate chat hits, according to the blog WABetaInfo, which keeps a close eye on new features and updates coming to WhatsApp. An image has been shared in this blog, in which the interface of this feature is visible how users will be able to migrate (transfer) their chat backups to Android.

WABetaInfo has also stated in its report that similar users may be able to transfer chat backups to iOS as well. It is seen in this image that to use this feature, you have to update to the latest app of WhatsApp. Android users can update the app from Google Play Store. Then iOS users can edit the WhatsApp app from the App Store.

When will the new feature of WhatsApp come

The report does not currently state how long the feature will be released. WhatsApp tests any new part before releasing it so that users get a bug-free experience. WhatsApp may take some time to roll out this feature for users.