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WhatsApp New Features: PlayBack Speed and Multi-Device Support

WhatsApp New Features: WhatsApp keeps on launching new features on its platform. The company is currently working on upgrading its voice message feature. In the unique feature of WhatsApp, the company is testing the playback speed feature in voice messages. This feature of WhatsApp has been spotted on the public beta channel. This feature of WhatsApp was introduced in version of the company’s Android beta app.

WhatsApp New Features

But the company removed the next update in version The company is currently working on WhatsApp and can offer it again for testing after a few months. In WhatsApp’s voice message playback, users are getting an option of three levels of audio speed – 1x, 1.5x, and 2x.

WABetaInfo, the blog that keeps a close eye on WhatsApp updates, has first spotted this feature of WhatsApp. With the help of this feature, users can play voice messages at speed. This feature of WhatsApp was rolled out in Android beta update of WhatsApp. The playback speed icon is visible with the voice message. With this help, users can increase the speed, but they will not decrypt the speed of the news. WABetaInfo reported that this feature was disabled in the next update, version of WhatsApp Android beta.

In general, WhatsApp tests for several months before releasing the new feature on the public beta platform. This featured company may have removed the public beta program by mistake. There was no statement on this from the company, and WhatsApp had rectified the error by issuing another update soon. However, it gives a hint that WhatsApp can release this feature soon.

Work on Multi-Device Feature Also

WABetaInfo has spotted another upcoming feature of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is also testing this feature. Through this feature, users can delete or change chats only from active devices. I Will not be able to do this from any linked device. The change and delete in the conversation will happen only through the smartphone; users will not do this through a link device.

This feature of WhatsApp is currently in the works. It is believed that this feature of WhatsApp can be introduced with the multi-device quality. WhatsApp has also been working on the multi-device part for a long time. Through the multi-device support feature, users will be able to access one WhatsApp account on four devices.

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