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Whatsapp With Interesting Features For Wonderful Chatting Experience

Instant messaging app Whatsapp releases new updates for its users on the next day. It provides unique features to users through updates. These features are useful as well as quite intrusting. Recently dark mode feature added in Whats app. Apart from this, you will also get highlights from the message schedule to auto-reply in this app. Let’s know about some unique features added to the What’s app, which can also be very useful for you.

Whatsapp Interesting Features

Auto reply: This feature can prove very useful on Whatsapp. With the help of this feature, the response of the message you receive will go automatically. This feature is specifically for business. To use this feature, you have to download the Whatsapp Auto Reply app from the Play Store. In this, you will get an auto-reply facility.

Message schedule: If you want to wish someone a happy birthday at midnight and you have to sleep, then the message can be scheduled. For this, you have to download the Whatsapp scheduler app.

Group calling was straightforward: Whatsapp recently gave information that now members can add to a group calling with just a single click. Earlier, all four members had to attach to a group call, but now by tapping on only one button, all four members can be added to a group call simultaneously.

New stickers: Due to Coronavirus, Whatsapp has also added many new stickers to its users, making them aware. Including a label with a mask on the mouth. At the same time, together with the Home Stickers Pack has been introduced, it has given 21 names. It depicts the mood of the people during the lockdown.

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