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Twitter Users Losing Followers In India What Is The Reason For This


Twitter Followers Drop In India: Twitter has once again come into the limelight since last night. On Thursday, the number of followers of users suddenly decreased on this platform. After which, the round of complaints about Twitter started on Twitter itself. For years, the users whose followers were increasing slowly, suddenly they will get angry when they decrease.

People also surrounded Parag Agarwal, the new CEO of Twitter, when the followers were low. Many leaders associated with the opposition parties and their supporters even told it to the collusion between Parag and the BJP.

Twitter Followers Suddenly Drop-In India

In this case, the question arises: why this happen all of a sudden? Is Twitter deliberately reducing the number of followers? What is Twitter’s policy regarding followers? What will Twitter and the user get in this case? Know the answers to all these questions one by one. Let’s start with the policy of followers of Twitter…


Rules related to following someone on Twitter

Twitter has also prepared some rules for following a Twitter account. These rules have been made to control bots or fake accounts. There are some such rules…

  • A user can follow 400 accounts daily on Twitter. Users with a verified account can follow up to 1000 accounts daily.
  • Each account can follow up to 5000 accounts. After this, new accounts will be able to follow only when the number of people following your account increases.
  • The numbers that follow more than 5000 accounts are different for each account. It is automatically calculated based on the unique ratio.

Why did Twitter reduce followers?

The question in the mind of most people is that why did their followers suddenly decrease? Tech expert Abhishek Tailang said people do not need to panic due to a lack of followers. This happens on any social platform when people’s followers or subscribers are reduced. This happens because companies remove bots (a kind of fake account).

These are accounts that spread fake news or propaganda on Twitter. Companies delete such accounts throughout the year. What Twitter has done is done under its community guidelines.


It is not that removing bots is done only by Twitter, but all platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube also keep doing this. After the new IT rules, it has become mandatory for all social platforms to ban such accounts against which any complaint is received or promoting fake content. For example, in September, WhatsApp banned more than 20 lakh accounts.

Companies are constantly increasing security to find out whether your account is fake or not. For example, a two-step verification of the account is done. The user is asked to link his account with the phone number. In such a situation, if someone has created many fake accounts, he cannot give phone numbers to all. In such a situation, those accounts are banned.

What will Twitter gain by reducing followers like this?

Twitter has about 24.5 million users in India. There can also be many bots, i.e. fake accounts in these. The company cannot keep an eye on fake accounts continuously. In such a situation, with the help of some safety filters, they ban these accounts during the year. Doing this gives Twitter two advantages.


First, such accounts are removed from the platform that spread fake content or propaganda. Second, deleting such accounts reduces its server load. Along with all this, the image created about the company by fake content helps in improving it.

Users whose followers have decreased, benefit or harm from this?

The simple answer is that all users will benefit. Let us understand this with a small example. Suppose your Twitter account has 1000 followers. Of these, there are 300 accounts which are not active for years. Some of these were made five years ago.

They were also active throughout the year, but there was no activity in them for four years. That is, these are followers in name only. When you share any content on your account, you will not get likes and shares from these 300 accounts. This will not help the content to be pushed further.


Now let’s say you have 700 followers. These are all active too. So whenever you share any content, 700 people can react to it. That is, you got a 100% reaction on the post. At the same time, out of 1000 followers, 300 followers were inactive, the response on the post was 70%. The post on which the high percentage of reaction will also get support. In such a situation, the accounts which have reduced followers do not need to worry.

Abhay Singh
Abhay Singh
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