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Xiaomi Foldable Phone May Come With Vertical Folding


Lenovo’s official smartphone maker Motorola launched its foldable phone Moto Razr 2019 on Thursday. The unique design of this phone is its biggest feature. Let us know that the Razr is the first foldable phone that comes with a vertical folding design. At the same time, now it seems that other companies have also been considering offering their phones on this design. Now Xiaomi Foldable Phone is in Trend.

Only last month, Samsung teased its new vertical folding device. However, the official name of Samsung’s vertical foldable phone has not been revealed yet. However, it is not just Samsung that is considering offering such a phone. Apart from Samsung, Xiaomi is also involved in this race.

Xiaomi Foldable Phone

Xiaomi’s vertical folding phone has a patent filed. This patent was filed this August 2018 and it was published and granted last month. It has appeared in the sketch that there will be a small display on the top of the phone which will fold. Time, caller ID and notifications will appear in it.


Xiaomi Foldable Phone Release Date

Apart from this, the dual rear camera was vertically placed in the bottom of the phone. However, this camera position looks a bit odd. Apart from this, after flipping the phone, this device has a full display. It will have fewer bezels. However, it is currently just a patent. In the coming time, further design of this phone can be revealed.

Let us know that some time ago, a patent file of another phone of Xiaomi was filed, in which the Penta pop-up camera setup was seen. Five sensors in a pop-up camera have been seen in the patent. The design was being speculated that this camera setup would work for both front and rear. If the phone is unfolded then this pop-up camera is visible on the left side of the phone. However, changes can also be made to its final design. According to earlier reports, Xiaomi’s foldable phone can be launched around the price of Rs 74,000.

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