Xiaomi Sold More Than 12 Million Device in This Festive Season

Xiaomi Sold

Ever since Xiaomi succeeded in the Indian market, it has been competing with Samsung. At the same time, in the last few months, the name of Realme has risen so fast that this brand is being considered as a competition of Xiaomi. Realme had informed yesterday that in the third quarter of 2019. The company has made a shipment of 10 million i.e. 10 million smartphones in the global market, which is 808 percent higher than the previous year. At the same time, after the fame of Realme, Xiaomi Sold 12 million or 1.2 million Xiaomi devices in India in just one month.

Xiaomi Sold

It informed me about this new record by sending a press release. Xiaomi has reported that more than 12 million devices of the brand have been purchased in festival sales organized by the company on the occasion of festivals. Xiaomi’s figures are just one month old. From September 28 to October 29, more than 120 lakh Xiaomi products have been sold in India. These products include Xiaomi smartphones as well as Mi TV, Mi Ecosystem and Accessory.


40 percent increase

According to Xiaomi, the brand has registered a 40 percent annual growth in India this year compared to the festival sale held in 2018 in the last one month. In the same year last year, Xiaomi’s 8.5 million or 85 lakh devices were sold, but in this year’s festival sale. Xiaomi has sold more than 120 lakh products. The sale of these Xiaomi products has been done on the company’s official website Mi.com as well as Mi Home, Flipkart and Amazon, and retail stores.

85 million smartphones

According to Xiaomi, the brand has sold 8.5 million or more than 85 lakh smartphones in the span of this month. Smartphones sold this year are 37 percent higher than last year. During this time the Redmi Note 7 series was Xiaomi’s best selling series and Redmi 7. And Redmi 7A became the best budget smartphones sold on Amazon.

6 Lakh TV

Not only Xiaomi’s smartphone but SmartTV has also enticed users a lot. According to Xiaomi, 6,00,000 Mi TV has been sold in the festive sale held this year. This is 48 percent more than the sales made last year. Xiaomi says that usually up to 4 lakh smart televisions are sold in the entire smart TV industry in a month. But Xiaomi has sold 6 lakh TVs in just one month.

490 lakh phones sold in three months

According to the Counterpoint Report, 490 lakh smartphones have been sold in India during the months of July to September. The main reason for touching this figure is believed to be the new launches made by smartphone companies. Discounts are given on smartphones and sales held at various shopping sites before Diwali. According to the report, in this sale of 49 million units, Xiaomi alone has acquired 26 percent market share. Xiaomi has increased by 7 percent in the third quarter of 2019 compared to the third quarter of 2018.