Beware of OTP Coming in Messages, Your Bank Account May Be Empty

Cyber Crime OTP Cases

Cybercrime is increasing rapidly all over the world. Till now, to keep your account safe, two-factor authentication and OTP are considered the safest means of SMS verification in India. One Time Password messages are necessary for logging in, transacting or transferring funds from bank to digital payment.

However, concerns have also been raised about this process from time to time. Now once again, people have been targeted through cybercriminal OTP. Cyber ​​thugs are making people a victim of their fraud in a new way. Let us know how this whole process is being done. How is

How are OTP frauds executed?

There are many times when OTP does not come to our phone. We think there will be a network problem. But let us tell you that, at times, it can also be caused by OTP fraud. Cyber ​​frauds hack your phone messages. In such a situation, your mobile message is diverted to another phone.

In this situation, your message can also reach hackers. Hackers transact with your OTP message, and you won’t even know. Although this work is quite tricky in banking transactions, it has to go through many authentication processes. But it would help if you still were careful.

One Time Password fraud and how to avoid

This is like a way to prevent the copy that you use at least Message Service. It would help if you always used two-factor-authentication. Try to get your One Time Password message instead of an e-mail. This can reduce your chances of being a victim of a scam.