Twitter Announced Fleet Features After That #RIPTwitter Trending

Twitter #RIPTwitter

The big news is coming from the world of social media. Twitter announced to launch a new feature, due to which some tweets will not see after 24 hours. That is, they will automatically disappear. Twitter has named this new feature ‘fleet’ just as Snapchat and Instagram store posts go automatically after some time; this new feature of Twitter seen on the same lines.

Twitter Fleet Features

On Wednesday, the tech firm announced this feature and said that it is currently at a testing level. It tested only in the Latin American country of Brazil. But with the announcement, #RIPTwitter has been included in the list of top trends. Users said in a complaint tone that in the event of this happening. This micro-blogging site will also become like other social media platforms. That is, it will lose its distinction.

These users say that if Twitter is going to use something new. Then instead of editing, it should give the option of editing so that if anyone wants to change something in his tweet, he can do it. Users say that only an edit option should add while instead, the tech firm is saying that the entire tweet will disappear after 24 hours.

However, when the company announced this new feature at the level of experimentation. The company head of Product Kayvon Beykpour said that such a feature would also allow users to share ideas that they feel uncomfortable while sharing. We do. When a user’s profile picture clicked, such fleeting messages will appear, but no one will be able to reply, like, or publicly comment on it. However, the company has not yet said when will this feature be implemented globally?

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