Twitter Roll out New Feature Now You Can Record and Tweet With Audio

Twitter Tweet With Audio

Twitter is continually making changes on its platform. Recently the company made this feature available to Android and iOS users in India to test the “Stories” format on the platform called ‘Fleets’ and now a new report claims that Twitter has a further Testing the feature, in which users can tweet using their voice. Users can record up to 140 seconds of audio in a tweet.

Twitter Tweet With Audio

They Are testing a new feature in which users can record their voice and tweet. Twitter has given this information through its blog. Just as there was a limit of words in text tweets until now. Similarly, the report says that voice tweets will also have a deadline. Users will be able to record 140 seconds of audio and tweet.

Voice Tweets will initially be available only to a select few Apple iOS users. Twitter has said in a blog post that this feature will release to all iOS users in the coming weeks. Twitter says that users will be able to use the “web lengths” icon on the tweet composer screen to use this feature.

Let us know that Twitter is testing the “Stories” format named ‘Fleets’ on its platform. And this feature became accessible for Android and iOS customer in The blogging company has said that the feature is rolling out in a phased manner and ‘Fleets’ will be available to all users in the country with the latest version of the Twitter mobile app in the coming days. Like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp stories, the fleet also vanishes from the users’ record after 24 hours. They cannot be liked or retweeted like smooth tweets, even though other users may reply to Fleets via Direct Message (DM).