Uber Suspended The Accounts Of 240 Users In Mexico Due Coronavirus

Uber Suspended 240 Users Coronavirus

The coronavirus infection that started in China has spread to many countries of the world. So far, 361 people have died in China from Corona, while more than 17 thousand cases have been confirmed. In more than 18 countries of the world, the coronavirus has spread its footing. In such a situation, there is news coming from Mexico that Uber has closed the account of 240 people to prevent the infection of Coronavirus there.

Not a single positive case has confirmed in Mexico from Corona. But due to a tourist from China, Corona’s panic has spread there. According to news agency PTI, Uber accounts of 240 customers in Mexico have been closed. A tourist from China came to Mexico.

Coronavirus 240 Users Account Suspended

It is being feared that there was a coronavirus infection in it. Two drivers of Uber served the Chinese tourist sitting in their vehicles. After that, these two drivers served the other 240 people sitting in the car. Uber has closed the account of these 240 people. Now the government there will check the health of these 240 people.

According to PTI, the Uber company said in a statement on Twitter, “We have temporarily closed the accounts of two drivers and 240 customers.” Uber said health officials in Mexico City had sought information from him about a suspect suspected of being hit by the Coronavirus. After this, we have closed the accounts of two drivers and 240 customers serving them in their car.

Now Mexico’s Ministry of Health said that it would monitor all those people who had come in contact with a suspected person infected with the coronavirus. The suspect was identified as a Chinese tourist. That tourist has now left Mexico.

361 People Died In China

So far, 361 people have died in China from Corona. This number has exceeded the number of deaths from the SARS (SARS) virus in 2003–2004 Beijing. China’s health authorities have confirmed the death of 57 more people. Also, the number of confirmed cases of corona in China has reached 17,205. Of these, 2,103 new cases are involved.

Wuhan city of Hubei province of China remains the center of Corona. Only 56 people died in Hubei province on Sunday. Only 5,173 new suspected cases have detected on Sunday. The condition of 186 patients is worrisome, while 187 people discharged from hospitals. According to the Health Organization, Corona has spread its wings in more than 18 countries of the world. More than 82 cases have confirmed in these countries. These include the US, Japan, and Vietnam. In addition, 17 confirmed cases of coronavirus have reported in Hong Kong, while 7 suspects have been found in Thailand.