Imran MP Said- Our Prime Minister Walks At The Behest Of Wife Bushra

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Female MP Ujma Kardar of PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf), the party of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, became a cause for trouble for her. An audio clip of Uzma from two days is viral on social media. In this, Uzma is accusing Imran’s third and current wife Bushra of any charges. Uzma says- Bushra has drawn the line at Imran’s house. No one can go beyond that. Imran does not take any decision without asking his wife.
Uzma also commented on the army’s influence in Pakistan. It is said that everyone knows that without the support of the military, no government can run in Pakistan.

‘Now Even Qureshi Can’t Go …’

It is being claimed on social media that Uzma was talking to one of her journalist friends. He recorded this private conversation. It was later leaked. In the audio, Uzma says, “At first we used to go to the house of Imran Khan comfortably. But now it has become severe. Leave the rest to others. Even Shah Mahmood Qureshi (Foreign Minister) cannot go inside. Bushra has drawn a line in the house. No one can go beyond that. You make the sound of Imran in his home. He does not even look back.

Bushra Bibi

Sarkar Uzma, who is running Bushra, continues, “Bushra reads Imran’s face. Khan Sahab (Imran) told me this thing. She is Jinnad (sorcerer). She knows how the husband’s day went. Imran takes the decision only by asking him. Bushra has told our Prime Minister that she will not go before the people in political life. But Imraan is being driven by Bushra. After all, she is his wife.

If you want to remain in government, then in this conversation, Uzma also mentions the army. Pakistan’s leaders use the term Establishment for the military. Uzma said, “If the military is interfering in the work of the government, then what is wrong and what is new in it. This has always happened in Pakistan. Here how can a government-run without taking the army along? So, I don’t take it wrong. “