Virat Kohli Said – ODI Not IPL, Will Prepare For T20 World Cup

Virat Kohli T20 World Cup

Indian captain Virat Kohli said that his team is not planning to strengthen the preparations for the T20 World Cup from the ODI series against New Zealand as the upcoming IPL is the ‘right platform’ for it. Head coach Ravi Shastri, however, said last month that the Indian team would use the ODI series against New Zealand and South Africa (in March) for the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia in October-November. Kohli said, ‘We have already played five T20 matches. It is not that we do not have enough T20 matches. We also have IPL and it will run for one and a half months. Then we will probably use it. ‘

Virat Kohli Eye On IPL

The Indian captain said, ‘T20 is a different format as I said. The IPL is perhaps the most competitive tournament. Players will enter that tournament with that mentality (preparation for the T20 World Cup). There is still a lot of time in the World Cup and we do not want to come in that mindset and play in the 50-over format differently.

Captain Virat Kohli feels that it is important to respect each format equally. He said, ‘You have to respect every format, you have to play according to the pace of the 50-over game. As I talked about the combination, it is about getting the players into their roles and repeating them so that they know how to play in the format.

India Will Dominate In ODIs As Well

After defeating New Zealand 5–0 in the T20 series, the Indian team will go into the ODI series with increased confidence. Kohli’s team had won 4-1 in the ODI series on the previous tour of New Zealand. Virat Kohli said, ‘Last time we played here, we were dominating in the first three matches. We faced defeat in the fourth match and we returned in the fifth. We realized that in fact in ODIs we have more time to complete the plans. The T20 format was suitable for New Zealand as they could play explosive cricket. In ODI cricket we have played some very difficult series.

New Zealand Eye On The Return

The captain said that after losing badly in the T20, the New Zealand team will be desperate to return. He said, ‘This is something that we need to be careful about. We try to turn those pressure moments in our favor with confidence in our plans. The New Zealand team also never gives up and keeps looking for ways to return.

The level of the fielding of the Indian team has dropped in the last few times, but the team has performed amazingly in between. Virat Kohli said that the team management has taken note of this and efforts are being made to improve the fielding with batting and bowling. He said, ‘If you look at the average age of the team, then it is about 27 years. In such a situation, we should do much better than the field we are fielding. I think the overall performance of both teams in fielding was not good. This can happen in T20 cricket because the game moves forward very fast.